What Exactly Are Goose Egg Addlings?

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Sometimes a population of a certain animal can get so high that other animals and plants in the ecosystem suffer as a result of it. This can happen when you include an invasive species into a new territory, for example, as is the case for a number of dangerous snakes now found in the wild across the USA that would once have been found on an entirely different continent.

Certain bird species, such as geese, have been known to get a little ahead of themselves from time to time, especially in terms of population, and in much the same way that endangered species need human intervention to ensure they don't become extinct, they need a hand to ensure numbers don’t explode. Canada geese are a prime example of this — a bird that has become so well adapted to where it has found itself living sometimes in a large store or warehouse, that the numbers are getting a little out of control.

When numbers are high, egg addling comes into play. This is a delicate practice, and one that is sure to get conversations started. It involves removing a fertilized egg from a nest, terminating it, and then replacing it back in the nest, without the mother knowing. If she knows the egg has been touched, she will abandon it and start again, laying another egg and increasing mating, until she finally has a chick. This is why you can’t just take the egg away. If you were to do this, the goose would just lay another egg to compensate for that. It’s a common practice used for keeping bird numbers down, and has been shown to work when it has been done safely and correctly.

There are downsides to goose egg addling, but measures must be taken to ensure the populations of these creatures do not spiral out of control.

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