Does it take long to remove birds from a building?

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Birds are a problem that can affect many different types of buildings, and they will not usually leave voluntarily, and the can cause a range of problems once they are inside the building. In terms of the types of buildings that can inhabit, they will most commonly be found in buildings with large openings and ledges or beams near the roof where the birds can perch safely. However, they can also build nests on the roof of a building, or even on windowsills and other parts of a property. Once they have settled in a particular area, birds can produce a lot of droppings, and can also transmit disease, so it is natural to want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The Challenges Of Dealing With Birds That Are Causing A Nuisance
One of the main issues that makes removing birds a problem is that they naturally fly, which means that they will often be located in parts of the building that are a little more difficult to get to. Another of the problems is that if you are in an open building, you can chase the bird from one beam, and it will fly over to another part of the building. Because of the diseases and conditions that they can carry, it is also important that you consider how to protect yourself, and this will include wearing a breathing mask to prevent any spores from being inhaled, while long sleeved thick clothing will help prevent you being scratched or pecked if you get too close to the birds.

Getting Rid Of Birds In A Confined Space Such As An Attic
Birds getting in to the attic of houses or large stores and warehouses will usually have one main point of entry, and this can be a missing roof tile or a broken vent that is large enough to allow them to get in and out. You can use a simple cage trap baited with bird seed in order to catch the bird if it is just one, or there are also repeater traps that can be used to catch more than one bird. Another option is to use exclusion netting over the entry point that will allow the birds to get out, but will then stop them from getting back in again.
Once you have removed the birds, make sure you search the attic and find the nest, as in some cases you may also have a nest of chicks that you will have to remove too. This method of removing birds is one that can usually take up to a week to catch and remove the birds.

Removing Birds In Open Buildings Such As Barns
This can be a more challenging problem to deal with, as it won't always be practical or desirable to make sure all of the doors are able to be fully sealed, and in older buildings it will often not be cost effective to do so. For this reason, anti-bird netting will often be your best solution, and this is a netting with a fine mesh which is installed just below the beams of the roof, to stop birds from flying up there. Once this is installed, it should really get rid of the birds fairly quickly.

Preventing Future Infestations
This is a very important aspect of the work, as you will not want to have to deal with bird infestations on a regular basis. For attics, it is important to make sure that you seal the point which the birds were using to access the area, and chicken wire is very useful in this respect. For open buildings, make sure you maintain and monitor the condition of the netting, and repair it if necessary, and this should help prevent birds from becoming a problem in the future.

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