What kind of noises and sounds do pigeons make when they live in your house?

If you have ever been to a large city, like New York or Chicago, then you have probably seen dozens if not hundreds of pigeons. They love to swarm around parks and large buildings, finding the locations absolutely ideal for them to perch, find food, or even shelter.

Many consider pigeons to be the bird family's version of the rat and with good reason. These creatures will eat just about anything, and because they are able to multiply and produce in such large numbers, the comparison between them and the rat is quite apropos

Just as rats will try to figure out a way to get inside your house, a pigeon is likely to do so as well. They find the walls of your home or your attic to be an ideal location for them to make their own residence within.

Clearly, you don't want this to occur as these animals are filthy and can make an absolute mess of your beautiful house. However, you may not be aware that they are even in your home. The truth is that there are indicators to let you know if they have gain access into your house, and the best way to know if they are there is by paying attention to the different kinds of noises and sounds that pigeons make when they live inside a house.

Start with this is your place to see if you have a pigeon or not. If you have ever been to a park where pigeons are gathered, think about the noises that they make when they are flying away just like vultures. It can be rather loud as they swoop away from a place in the park to another location. If you have a pigeon or pigeons that are living inside your house, at some point they are going to move from one location to another or try to get out of your house and when they do you were going to hear this flapping noise that they make. That will clearly let you know that you have a pigeon that has gotten into your home. Pay close attention to this and you will be on the right track right away.

Pigeons are also animals that like to peck a lot. What this means is that they may begin the pecking process against the flooring of your attic area as they attempt to try to find bugs that may be on the floor to eat or as they look to sharpen their beaks. This should be an easily distinguishable noise for you, making it clear that you have an issue with pigeons or some other kind of bird getting inside your home.

One other way to tell, one which you will find quite disgusting, is that pigeons release a lot of poop as they fly around. If you are hearing a lot of splats against the ceiling leading into your attic then you may have a very serious issue with pigeons.

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