Do snakes come out in the rain?

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Rain has a tendency to bring many creatures from wherever they're hiding. Moles and raccoons get excited about earthworms and other grubs and insects that flood lawn areas after a good rain or watering. Birds love the after-rain period too, mostly for the same reason — worms and other delicious insects that saturate the earth. Insects are what draw many other animals out and into your back yard after a good rain, and it could even be the reason why the snakes are there too.

Snakes love humidity. They need very specific conditions within a tank, with special lights and measuring devices to ensure there is enough moisture — humidity — in the air. Rain will often bring humidity to the air, which could be enough to attract the snakes to come out of their hidden dens, but it might not just be the humidity. There's a very good chance that the insects have a part to play in this snake behavior.

Frogs will hunt and feed on insects, and frogs are another animal that seems to enjoy high humidity. Many snake species eat frogs, so as the food chain continues, the snakes come out to feed on the frogs that are feeding on the insects.

Although it might not be the rain itself that draws these slithering serpents out, there's certainly plenty to enjoy after the rain has passed. If you live in areas that have high numbers of reptiles, it's definitely worth checking where you're standing in the undergrowth after a good rainy spell!

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