Everything You Need to Know About Squirrel Babies to Get Rid of Them

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There is one thing worse than finding a rogue squirrel setting up a home on your property … Finding out that the squirrel is not just any old squirrel, but a female squirrel, and a mother at that too. A mother squirrel means that you have not just one squirrel on your hands, but an entire family of them. You're going to need all the knowledge you can get your hands on to make sure you know the right approach to move them along.

When are squirrel babies born?
Spring is the season where pretty much everything bursts into life, and that's definitely the case with squirrels. In actual fact, squirrels can have two birthing seasons in one year — the first litter is usually born in the early spring, March and April time, with the second later coming a few months after, towards the end of July and right through into August.

Different areas and conditions can lead to slightly different mating and birthing seasons, but as soon as the weather turns from winter into spring is generally the time at which the excitement starts happening, continuing all the time that mild weather does.

How long do baby squirrels stay in the nest?
Although squirrels can stay with their mother for a few months, they are entirely dependent on her for at least eight weeks. Bald, blind, and deaf when they are born, it takes a while for the youngsters to get to a point where they can feed and take care of themselves.

Will a squirrel family live in just one nest?
It is very common for mothers to move their young squirrels from one nest to another if they believe they have good reason to. Female squirrels will move to better sources of food if they become available, as well as more appropriate nesting or den spots. They will also move if they feel they are threatened or under attack, usually by predators, but humans can also have the same effect.

Where will squirrels build a nest in a building?
In the wild, squirrels would like rock or tree piles for nesting spots, or perhaps hollows found in trees, both up in the air and down on the ground. Sadly, these comfortable and familiar spots are so few and far between that squirrels have no choice but to look for alternatives.

Attics provide the perfect alternative. This part of any building is usually less frequently visited than other areas, making it less likely for humans to come along and ruin the party. Other spots on your property will include trees and tree hollows, garden debris, the areas underneath balconies, sheds, decking, the porch, and other outbuildings, and even in rock or tree piles right by your back door. If the squirrel can find a dark and comfortable hole, it can make a nest there.

Are mother squirrels protective or aggressive?
Female squirrels are fiercely defensive of their young, but they're not the only gender with an aggression problem. Males are known to be aggressive when mating season comes around, and both males and females will be aggressive when they don't get what they want. One example of this is when you feed the animal consistently and then stop — the animal will get frustrated that you are no longer giving them what they want, acting out in turn.

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