Preventing rodents from chewing on your car's wires

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For many people, there car is like their baby. They do all that they can to provide the right kind of maintenance and care for their vehicle, wanting to ensure that it runs in optimal condition. They park it in the garage very carefully, maybe even covering it night, ensure they conduct regular maintenance, and do everything that is necessary to keep their car looking and running as best as possible.

While you may be a person with just like this, doing everything that you can to make sure your car is in tip top shape, the truth is that things can stand in the way of your attempt to keep your car as good as it can be. One of these problems can be when rodents have gotten into your garage or are around your property, and start to chew on the wiring that is inside the engine area, or have found a way to get into the car and are chewing on the wiring underneath the dash. You clearly can't afford to have this kind of damage occur, and so you likely want to know how to prevent rodents from chewing on your car's wires.

The most obvious place to begin is by doing whatever you can to ensure that a rodent is unable to get near your car. If you have an issue with a possum, squirrel, or raccoon that is coming near your car, and you are parking it outside, then it is a good idea to enclose it in the garage or a shed so that one of these animals is unable to get to it. If you stop them from being able to have access, then your problem is resolved right off.

If you find that you are having a persistent animal that wants to continually come around your car, then you may need to look at more permanent kinds of solutions, either choosing to lay out some kind of poison that will terminate the animal's life, or choosing to put out some kind of trap or cage that will allow you to capture the critter, then relocated to another spot. These can each help to resolve your problem.

If you are finding that it is an issue with an animal that is in your car, then you need to start taking steps to get that animal out as quickly as possible. What you may find is that a rat or mouse has been able to get inside and is living somewhere within your vehicle. If this is the case, you will want to set out some kind of trap that will either terminate the animal or help you to capture it. once you have done this, your problem should be resolved.

The thing to consider is that there's really nothing that you can do directly to your car to keep a rodent away. Your job is to just find alternative means that will deter a rodent from coming around your vehicle.

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