Cleaning wild animal feces out of my attic

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In order to clean wild animal feces out of your attic, you’ll need to go shopping. You will need quite the list of items before you even think about going up into your attic, let alone touching any contaminated matter. And at the moment, before the cleanup operation has taken place, your attic will be entirely covered with contaminated matter.

It's not a very nice thought, is it?

There are a number of wild animals that are likely to invade your attic and set up home, and these include raccoons, rats, birds, mice, squirrels, and more. Each of these wild animals have their own disease threats associated with the feces and urine they leave behind, and that's what makes the cleanup mission so complicated, and also so necessary.

If you have ‘completed’ a wild animal removal job without clearing up the waste from the animal, you haven’t actually completed the job.

If you had an animal such as the raccoon living up there, there’s a good chance that the urine and fecal matter will be left in one particular area. These are known as latrines, and alongside raccoons, foxes are well known to use latrine-style areas. These are often easier to clean up than other wild animals. Rats, mice and squirrels, for example, leave their waste matter wherever they go, dropping pellets as they run around. Wherever these rodents and other animals have been, their waste matter will be too, and so will the disease threat.

We don’t recommend that you try to clean up wild animal feces from your attic, instead leaving it to a wildlife control expert. You will need a range of safety tools and equipment, as well as a filter vacuum, disinfectants, bleach, antibacterial agents, biological enzyme cleaners, and a whole lot of scrubbing energy too. You will need to go through everything, sometimes twice if you need to, to ensure all biological threats are removed.

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