Can wild animals destroy the wood on your house?

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If wood is being destroyed in your home, you will need to work out what animal is causing it. When you know the animal you can take the right steps in order to get rid of it, and you can also add new levels of protection to your home to ensure the problem doesn't come back again.

If the wood damage is in the attic, it could be a number of animals, including rats, mice and squirrels. Bats do not chew wood. If you have bats in the attic, and you have damage to wood also, there's a good chance you have more than one wild animal. It could be that you have bats and rats or mice. Raccoons will eat bat babies and sleeping bats also, and they are another animal well-known for their chewing action. Not just chewing on wood, these wild animals will also destroy personal possessions, such as those in the old cardboard boxes in your attic, as well as electrical cables, dry wall, and much more. Plastics aren’t safe either.

Elsewhere in your home opossums can wreak havoc. They will chew wood, alongside a wide range of other materials, including those that we have previously mentioned. Skunks and squirrels can cause the same damage too, but out of all the animals, rats are the worst for chewing.

Wood damage in your home is a very big cause for concern and it is not a sign that you should ignore. With constant and repetitive chewing, wooden foundations and structures can become damaged, and this can cause massive damage to the internal construction of your home. This is all damage that will need to be repaired, and those bills can run into the thousands, especially when other chewing becomes noticeable. When all of your prized photos are destroyed, you'll regret not hiring that wildlife removal expert when you thought about it!

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