Things to know about exclusion barriers

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There are a number of different kinds of exclusion barrier on the market, and there are some modifications you can even make yourself to ensure your home and land are safe from wild animal invasions. From bear-resistant garbage containers, to one-way doors to evict animals like bats humanely, there is a solution for every problem.

Wire mesh is a perfect example of an exclusion barrier, and can be used to create an extra layer of support under the ground, above ground, and even above the soil. You can use smooth surfaces, leaning inwards, to create a barrier that prevents snakes from entering your land, and this can help to keep your kids and your pets safe while they’re frolicking out in the garden.

You can buy cages to go around flower gardens and bulbs, if you’re finding that gophers and other smaller critters are posing a problem, and L-shaped or apron fencing can also help, particularly when you’re trying to keep specific areas safe, such as the chicken coop.

The idea behind an exclusion barrier is just as the name would suggest — you are trying to exclude something, in this case, a wild animal. For a snake, the exclusion barrier is leaning inwards and across the floor, preventing the creature from slithering across the land border. For other animals, the exclusion barrier would need to be higher — above the fence, for example, or built beneath the ground to prevent animals from burrowing underneath. There is an exclusion barrier type to suit every wild animal and situation, and it's just a case of working out the right ones that work for you.

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