Keeping frogs out of your pool or house

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As a kid, most thoroughly enjoyed playing with frogs. They would head down to the creek or lake, where they could find a frog or group of frogs, maybe even put a few in a bucket and head back to their house. Frogs became that wild creature that most kids love to play with and enjoy during their early years.

However, as you grow older, the attraction to frogs seems to lose a great deal of its luster. In less you are someone who is involved in biology or loves to spend long hours in the great outdoors, frogs become that animal you dissect in biology and not much else. The same attraction is lost, and you wish that they would just stay away from you.

As you became a homeowner, especially someone who had a pool at their house, you may have found that frogs saw your swimming pool is the ideal location to take a dip. They hopped to their way up to the side of the pool, and jumped right in. They may have even come out of the vegetation around your land and work to their way through a doorway or window into your home.

This was probably disturbing to you on many levels. While you may have love these amphibians when you were younger, you want them to stay away now. This may make you wonder how to keep frogs out of your pool or house?

Keeping a frog away from your pool is a little more difficult than you may have thought. It is true that you could place a tarp over the top of your pool, and that would work if it covered from the top edge all the way across your pool area. However, if you simply laid the pool cover into the water, you're not going to have the same kind of success. What you need is a complete cover, that is actually attached along the edges of the pool and does not physically go in the water itself. This is really your only option in terms of keeping these animals out of your swimming pool.

In terms of getting into your home, the main way that a frog is able to gain access is by coming through an open window or door into your home. It is very rare that a frog will find a crack or hole in the siding of your home and use that as a means to gain access into your house. More commonly, they will come through an open patio door or a window that does not have a screen to it, and get into your house. What this tells you is that you always need to have screens closed so that they are unable to get inside your house.

It really isn't a great deal of work to keep a frog out of your pool or house. You simply have to be diligent about ensuring that they cannot get in your problem will be resolved.

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