Are mothballs orammonia effective in repelling wild animals?

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If you're looking for a guaranteed, foolproof way of getting rid of wild animals from your home, don’t waste your time on mothballs or ammonia. As well as being incredibly dangerous, they don’t actually work to repel those animals annoying you.

Ammonia-soaked rags are one method that we have found on the internet, and we can't begin to tell you how dangerous that is. It's dangerous for you, the other people that live in your home, which will include your children, and also your pets. And, chances are, it won't affect the animal you're trying to get rid of. In fact, the animal will just find another way around your home to get to where it wants to be. That's what they do. That's why deterrents don't work. The only way to remove a wild animal control problem, is to trap, seal, and then modify to ensure the problem can't return.
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Ammonia is a gas that can cause great respiratory problems, and also problems with sight too. It doesn't so much repel the animal, as cause great discomfort to the animal. Worse than that, it probably won’t even repel the creature at all. If you have a rat that has come across ammonia soaked rags, it will just back up, find another tunnel, and locate another passageway to where it wants to be.

It works the same way with mothballs in many cases too. The animals either aren’t phased by the ammonia or mothballs at all, and just go about their day as if nothing happened, or they just find another route. The end game is still the same, however. They are still in your home, and they most definitely haven't been deterred. In many cases, the situation just gets worse the deeper the animal crawls into your home.

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