Will a pest control company remove a wild animal?

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When you think of pests in your home, you'd generally think of smaller creatures. Animals such as bugs — fleas, flies, lice, ants, termites, that kind of thing. Larger wild animals — animals such as raccoons, bats, stray cats and dogs, opossums, skunks, foxes, and snakes, etc., — don't really fall into the ‘pest’ category, despite being quite pest-like, just because they're … well, larger. Smaller critters, like fleas and flies, can easily be dealt with using poison, usually in the form of a fumigant. An insecticide will be sprayed around your home or building, designed to stop a ‘pest’ in its tracks.

In order to have the same effect on a much larger animal — an animal such as a raccoon — you would need more of the poison, or fumigant. A lot more. You would need so much of it, in fact, that it would then prove deadly to the rest of the environment. It would be dangerous for pets to be in the home, as well as humans. And, on top of all of this, there isn't actually a registered poison that is safe to be used on anything bigger than a rat or a mouse. We wouldn't even advise that you use the poisons that are created and sold for those rodents.

Pest control companies are not really equipped to deal with these larger animals. Rather than requiring fumigant to evict them, you need a whole host of other tools. A snare pole, for example, is often used to get squirrels out that have become stuck in the bottom of the chimney. One way exclusion doors have proven themselves to be a very effective way of moving a bat colony from within your attic. Poison or fumigants would be in no way necessary, effective or humane to use on these creatures, and that's why a pest control company probably aren't the best people for the job.

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