The differences between pest control and wildlife removal

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There are terms that we use so interchangeably, that the original meaning is sometimes lost. We talked about one thing using a term that is really not the exact same meaning, but has come to be so in the minds of so many people because of the way that language is developed. This is true of those who were using the terms pest control and wildlife removal.

If you come to think about it, these seem to be terms that are almost interchangeable. The goal of any person who owns a home or business and wants to see an animal or other kind of past removed from their property could contact an agency to be able to assist them. Calling one of these would seem to be the perfect solution, but these are two different kinds of agencies that perform two totally different tasks. That is why it is important for you to understand what the differences between pest control and wildlife removal.

By its very definition, pest control is geared towards reducing down, if not eliminating the number of pests that you have around your home. This is not an organization that is coming to take away rats, mice, or bugs, and move them to another spot. No, instead what they are looking to do is to eliminate these animals and pests altogether.

This is usually done by using some kind of poison or insecticide to be able to kill off the pests. These professionals will go through your house, yard, and other areas of your property looking for locations where unwanted animals and insects are known to reside, and terminate them by using some kind of poison to do the job. The ultimate objective is to control the ability of these pests to prosper on your land, and they are quite proficient at being able to perform this task.

Wildlife removal is an entirely different story. While pest control agents usually deal with very small rodents or insects, wildlife removal professionals deal with a wide variety of animals. It should be noted that they do not deal with insects at all, in less you are talking about something like a scorpion or a tarantula. Instead, these professionals are dealing with such critters as raccoons, foxes, possums, skunks, and maybe even a coyote or wolf.

They are trained to come out and capture this animal using the different techniques that they have been trained to follow, so that the animal can be moved to another location. That may eventually lead to the termination of the animal, but the primary role of this professional is to capture and remove the animal from your property.

While you may be able to scare off a squirrel or a raccoon, there are animals that are more dangerous for you to confront, or you may find that you encounter a possum or raccoon that is severely infected with the rabies virus. These are not the kind of animals you want to deal with yourself, and these professionals will assist you so that you don't have to.

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