Is poison a solution to your wildlife problem?

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While you may not want wild animals around your house, the fact remains that some can be quite persistent about remaining there. No matter what you do to try to get rid of them, they simply will not go away. You may have tried such things as repellents, fencing, and other measures that you believed would resolve your problem, only to find that the animal simply won't go away. This has led many to decide that the resolution should be a permanent one.

You may find yourself in the situation. You are wanting this possum, raccoon, squirrel, bird, bat, snake, or other animal to go away, but it simply will not do so. No matter what you try you find struggling to get this creature to go. Wild animals can be quite persistent.

Persistence makes the problem worse. You know this wild animal needs to go away. The fact remains that wild animals, such as those mentioned before, pose several health risks for you and your family. Many of these animals carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful, and can be easily transferred by the animal scratching or biting you or a member of your family. However, this is not the end of your problem. You also have to worry about the fact that the feces and urine of these animals can also pose a health risk, making it necessary for you to do all that you can to get them to go away.

While you may want these wild animals away from your home, many look for a permanent solution to do so. If this is the dilemma that you are in, you may wonder if using some kind of poison is the way to resolve your problem. So, should you ever use poison to solve a wildlife problem?

The answer to this, quite honestly, is no. While you may be looking for resolution that helps to keep these critters away, the fact remains that using a poison has several negative effects that you may not want to risk.

Let's start with the fact that your wild animal that you are trying to rid yourself of may not be the only creature eats the poison. You may find that your own pet, or even your children may wind up getting their hands on the poison. This can be incredibly dangerous to them, and so it poses a potential risk that simply isn't necessary.

Add to this is the fact that even if you are successful, you are leaving dead animals somewhere around your property. If you are not aware or are unable to find where the animal or animals have died then you are going to have a dead carcass somewhere that may attract other wild animals as well as bugs that may make the risk even more severe.

You also have to worry about the fact that the poison may dissolve and get into your vegetation around your home. This can cause them to get sick and die as well, ruining the ground on your property.

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The Truth About Squirrels and Poison

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