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A small Banded Water Snake.

A large Banded Water Snake.

A beautiful Flower Snake.

6.5' Boa Constrictor was found in a garage.

This 5.5' Boa was found on a lawn.

The beautiful Corn Snake.

A deadly Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin).

The Cottonmouth again, dangerously close.

This snake hook helps handle the snake.

A very large Garter Snake.

One of the largest you'll ever see.

This is actually a legless Glass Lizard.

The swift Black Racer, caught at night.

Usually doesn't like being held.

A Yellow Rat Snake. It can grow to 6'

Yes, the belly proves it is indeed yellow.

Here we have a nearly 5' Coachwhip Snake.

A dead snake on the road.

A Yellow Rat Snake caught in an attic.

A cotton bag full of snakes.

I found this snake in a bathroom.

Notice the strength of this snake.

A legless Glass Lizard chases a baby Ringneck.

I caught this snake in a house with glue boards.

I caught this Juvenile Corn behind a dresser.

Juvenile Corn on a pen. Keyboard Belly.

Juvenile Corn Snake crawls on my arm.

This is actually a baby Black Racer.

This big glue trap captures snakes.

Another snake. Pam allows it to free itself.

The Black Racer strikes! It is fast.

The Black Racer climbs a tree.

A Yellow Rat Snake climbs a plant.

A shed snake skin, probably a Racer.

This snake was angry at this skull.

It is thought to be North America's fastest snake.

A Florida Brown Snake in the grass.

Me holding the Yellow Rat Snake from the attic.

The Banded Water Snake is often...

...mistaken for the dangerous Cottonmouth.

This small Garter Snake was ready to shed.

A Corn Snake matches the fallen leaves.

A small coiled Corn Snake.

A swimming Corn Snake.

A 4' Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin).

A HUGE thick 5' Cottonmouth.

A Southeastern Crowned Snake.

A Garter Snake, in a striking mood.

A small Milk Snake crawls along.

The common Black Racer.

A Yellow Rat Snake is often well camouflaged.

A Southern Ringneck Snake.

A Banded Water Snake of bright color.

Ignorant customer killed a harmless Mud Snake.

A nice shot at the angry Coachwhip Snake.

The Florida Brown Snake.

Shed snake skins in heavy vegetation.

These photos represent just some of the many snakes that I've caught in the state of Florida. Although this state has many species of snakes, there are many, many, species exclusive to other states in the nation. If you have found a snake and can't identify it, perhaps you should call an expert in your area. Click here for a nationwide list of professional snake catchers! Or, if you wish to learn more about the snakes of Florida, you can visit my general snake removal page.