Methods to Kill an Amadillo

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Armadillos are nuisance animals or pests because of their burrowing lifestyle that leaves small holes all over a yard, leading to the destruction of landscaping and uprooting of roots and mulch. They have even been known to dig under buildings and cause cracks in the foundation. Plus the damage wreaked by an armadillo’s activity in a garden is extensive at best.

Now, there are several tested ways to get rid of the ambling creature without putting an end to its life. These methods include live trapping, exclusion by building of fences, elimination of food sources and positioning a dog in the yard to scare them off. Besides, it is illegal to kill armadillo in some locations.

If however you still wish to kill off your armadillo pest and it is legal to do so where you live, then find below, the common ways by which armadillos are killed.

Shooting an armadillo is not that easy a task as the animal is capable of moving very fast when under threat. Besides, armadillos are nocturnal and only come out at night; this reduced visibility is not good for getting an accurate aim. It is quite common for would-be armadillo killers to misfire too, a dangerous occurrence. Killing of armadillos with rifles and shotguns is more common in rural areas.

The problem with poisoning armadillos is that it rarely works because armadillos do not eat surface or laid out food. They prefer to dig up live insects and worms and only poisons that resemble worms or insects in appearance and behavior are likely to work. For this reason, some manufacturers have produced poisons that are shaped like worms to trick armadillos into eating them.

Fumigants and other poisonous substances have also been used in eliminating armadillos when the soil and its inhabitants are doused in the harmful chemicals. Poisoning is however an inhumane way to eliminate armadillos as the animal will go through severe pain and discomfort before eventually dying. Most of the time when poison is laid out for armadillos, they end up being consumed by other unintended wildlife or even house pets that find them.

The common problems associated with the use of poisons also apply – the ensuing stench when the animal crawls into some obscure place to die and the matter of carcass disposal. The homeowner needs to work out the how and the where, considering that there are usually different rules as regards where to dump dead animals in different states.

Lethal Trapping
Lethal trapping may be an effective way to get rid of armadillos, but it is not an easy task especially to find the right one. This is because of the armadillo’s shelled body that protects its internal organs. A lethal trap that would work will have to be very strong indeed as most lethal traps target the internal organs and the spine. The trap grips the armadillo and puts a lot of pressure on it until it dies within a short time. It is advisable to set more than one trap at a time in order to improve the chances of success. A good example of lethal traps is the body grip Conibear style trap 120 or 220.

- Determine the best spot to set your lethal trap on as this aspect is important for success. Set it over an active burrow or in strategic places along the path of the armadillo.
- Be sure to check the trap every day for a possible catch. It could take a few days and other animals may stray into the trap before the armadillo gets to it.
- Exercise great caution while setting the trap and understand the directions that come with it very well. Any mistake in handling it may lead to injury for the user, so you may want to hire a wildlife practitioner to do the job.

It is important to dispose of the carcass as soon as you make a catch because the odor from a dead animal will invite others in the neighborhood into your property as well.

Overall, killing an armadillo comes with a great deal of responsibility and possible consequences. You may want to look at other effective control methods like exclusion by building fences and home repairs.

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