How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing Them

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Mice are one of the species of animal that live closest to people in many parts of the world, and these small rodents have become very adept at living in dark areas of domestic and commercial properties, and finding food sources they can use. This ability to live alongside people is not necessarily one that is good for people though, as mice can cause damage to the home and are also often responsible for contaminating food sources. The most common way to deal with mice is using lethal trapping methods, but is it possible to deal with a mouse problem effectively without killing them?

Can You Trap And Remove Mice?

Like any other pest animal, mice can be caught using a variety of different traps, and if you do want to use cage traps then it is possible to use them to catch mice, but you will need to ensure you have small traps with a sensitive trigger mechanism, as mice are light and small animals. Because mice procreate very quickly, you will often have quite a few to catch, so in most cases you will need to use several traps. Make sure that you are placing the traps in areas where the mice are active, and you can help this by using a bait such as peanut butter, soft cheese or marshmallows to draw them into the trap.

Is It Humane To Relocate Mice?

This is a question that relates to what to do with the mice once you have caught them, as the most common approach is to relocate them in an area at least ten miles away from your property. The difficulty with this is that mice do not deal with the stress of relocation and the challenges of a new habitat well, so in many cases relocating the mice will actually see the mice dying in just a short period after they are released. There is a debate around whether lethal trapping, as long as it kills the mouse quickly and efficiently, is more humane than the approach of trapping and removing mice.

Excluding Mice From A Property

The alternative way to get rid of mice without killing them is to use exclusion methods to get them out of the building which will then stop them from getting back in. This is a particularly challenging approach, as mice can squeeze through some very small holes, so it will involve a very thorough examination of the property, and you will need to find all of the holes that the mice can use to get in and out of the house. You will then need to seal all of these holes apart from two or three, and install a one-way funnel over the remaining holes, which will allow the mice to exit the property but will then stop them from getting back in.

Removing Factors That Can Attract Mice To The Area

Because mice are also a species that can survive in many properties without going outside too often, another approach will be to deal with the factors that are attracting the mice to the property, and this will usually be the food sources and the dark areas where they can make a nest. When it comes to food sources, go through your cupboards and make sure all grains and other foods kept in plastic bags are transferred into solid containers that can't be gnawed through. You should also see if you can find the nest, and if you don't want to kill the mice then use noise and light to make their nesting spot a less comfortable one for the mice.
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How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing Them

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