Home Remedies To Keep Away Snakes And Get Rid Of Them

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Snakes are a species of animal that is found in many parts of the United States and beyond, but considering it is so common there are many people who have a serious fear of snakes, and they are certainly not cute and cuddly. However, they can actually be beneficial in an area as they will usually eat other pest animals such as rats and mice. The main problem with snakes is that there are a small number of venomous species, and every year there are a very small number of people that are bitten by these snakes, so it is natural to want to make sure that any dangerous snakes are kept well away from your home.

Problems Caused By Snakes

Although they are normally found in rural areas, with greater urbanization snakes have increasingly been coming into contact with people in urban and suburban areas, and in these alternative habitats they can cause a few problems. They will often be attracted to properties if they have mice or rats present, and while they may help keep down the rodent population, they will also take up residence and build a nest in one of the darker corners of the property. Another issue is that many snakes will look for a dark and warm spot in which to build a nest, and here they can hatch a batch of baby snakes, which will then be present in the home.

Common Materials Used To Repel Snakes

Some of the common repellents claimed to deter snakes have a chemical base, with moth balls being one of the most common mentioned as a potential snake repellent. There are also people who use a more complex blend, with some saying a mix made up of four parts ammonia and one part lemon dish soap will get rid of problem snakes.

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There are also natural items found in the home which are said to repel snakes, and one is a blend of cayenne peppers and chili boiled in water, which is then sprayed around the edges of a property. Another potently scented blend also mentioned is a combination of clove oil and cinnamon oil.

How Effective Are These Repellents?

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The truth is that the home remedies said to help get rid of snakes are about as effective as the commercially produced products that are said to help get rid of snakes from your home or business. That is, they are not at all effective. Because the features attracting a snake to a particular area will be vital for their survival, the inconvenience of dealing with a strong scent is very unlikely to actually cause the snake to leave a particular area. There are however plenty of other ways in which you can help to deter snakes or remove them all together.

Alternative Methods Of Dealing With A Snake Problem

While repellents won’t really help with snakes, there are changes you can make to the habitat around your property which will mean snakes are more likely to go elsewhere. Snakes like to have plenty of cover in which to hide, and also plenty of food, so make sure you are mowing grass regularly and keeping shrubs well-trimmed, along with dealing with any rodent infestations through trapping. The other method of dealing with snakes will involve trapping and removing these animals, and the traps available are within a box which will have an adhesive on the surface. This will hold the snake in place so you can transport it away from your property, and then release it in a habitat where it will not cause a problem to other home owners.
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