Removing snakes without killing them

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Snakes are a group of animal species that are responsible for some of the most irrational fears that people have, and in truth the majority of snake species are generally harmless and can even be useful neighbors to have in your area. However, the reason that many people have a fear of snakes is that a small number of snake species are venomous, and this naturally leads to a concern that they might bite or harm family members or pets. Therefore, it is natural to want to get rid of them, but you certainly don’t have to kill a snake in order to get rid of it, and in truth it is easier to get rid of a snake without killing it.

Trapping And Removing A Snake

Snakes will only eat live prey, so one factor that is different when it comes to trapping a snake is that you won’t really be using any bait in order to attract the snake into the trap. This means that location is even more important, so when you are placing the trap make sure it is a location where the snake is active, and look for areas where there is plenty of cover, such as near shrubs, as snakes will often prefer these areas. The type of trap to be used should be an adhesive one, that will hold the snake in the trap, and this will then allow you to transport the snake well away from your property before you release it.

Making Your Garden Less Snake-Friendly

Another way of dealing with a regular number of snake visitors to your property is to make the area less attractive to snakes. In many cases they will be visiting because there is a source of food nearby, which means that if you can deal with any mouse or rat population through trapping, this will help to get rid of snakes naturally. You can also amend the features of your property by removing wood piles and shrubs that offer plenty of cover, and also ensuring that you keep the grass on your lawn trimmed short, as snakes do prefer the longer grass.

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Dealing With Larger Snakes

If you have large snakes that regularly return to your yard or garden, then the best ways of dealing with this is in a way that doesn’t bring you into contact with the snake. Removing the features attracting the snake is one way to do this, however you can also use methods to exclude the snake by installing a fence around the yard or garden to keep them out. You will need a sturdy fence without any gaps, and this will need to have the top section of the fence angled outward to help stop the snake from climbing over it.

Should You Hire A Professional To Remove The Snake?

Professional animal removal experts are a particularly good option when it comes to dealing with snakes, as they will have the experience to catch and remove the animal without killing it. They will also be able to identify venomous species more easily as they will have experience in dealing with these animals. If you have any concerns or worries about catching and removing a snake, then it is definitely worth hiring a professional to remove the snake for you. It is also worth doing this as soon as you spot that you have a snake problem, as if the snake gives birth you may have a lot more snakes to deal with, as some species can give birth to large numbers of baby snakes.
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