How to clean up bat guano inside a building

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Guano, poop, droppings; whatever you want to call it, the mess that bats can leave behind can be pretty dangerous. If you thought that the bats were annoying, you haven’t seen anything until you have had to clear up after a whole colony of them!

Not only will the guano/bat droppings leave a rather nasty smell behind but they can also be dangerous to you. You are going to want to keep yourself, your children, other members of your family and even pets away from the mess that has been left behind. Inhaling the bacteria that guano can carry can cause a rather nasty infection of the lungs called histoplasmosis.

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The nasty sounding condition can go relatively unnoticed for the most part and doesn’t tend to give off any symptoms in well, healthy people. However in young people and those that have a weak immune system, the damage can be incredibly dangerous. In short, keep away if you can. With symptoms such as fever, chills, headaches, discomfort of the chest and muscle aches, all combined with nasty dry coughing that be very painful, you are going to want to avoid this at all costs.

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Of course, the bacteria that can cause disease is probably the last thing on your mind once you have had a team of experts come in and remove your bat problem. The droppings left behind can cause quite the eye-sore, and on top of that, if left there to rot, will smell pretty nasty after just a day or two, especially in warmer weather. That’s before you even begin to think about the other insects, such as cockroaches, that are attracted by the scent of the bat poop left behind. Oh and a final piece of bad news for you – the poop left there can also attract other colonies, which is why you are going to want to hire a team of experts, or an expert to remove the bat problem – if it is not done properly, the inhabitation will never fully go away.

Once you have successfully removed the bats from your property and sealed all the exit and entrance points that you can see that they were using, you are going to want to get rid of the droppings. You are going to need a few things to hand:

  • Full plastic body suit, even covering feet
  • A face mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Thick and strong rubber gloves
  • A strong enzyme-based cleaner
  • A large industrial vacuum, designed for such as task

See – this is why you should hire a professional. There is a lot of work to do just to remove the bat droppings. The first step is to actually remove the droppings from the surfaces of your home. This could mean the ceiling, the walls, any tables and surfaces that have become exposed the bats, and even the floor and the outside of your home. A strong, industrial sized vacuum cleaner can often handle this task well, and will usually have a smaller filter/head that will be used to vacuum up all of the remnants once this initial scraping and vacuuming task has been complete, and a strong cleaner has been used to kill any bacteria and also to remove the staining that the bat droppings will always leave behind. You may even find that you will want to repaint your surfaces and walls afterwards – the droppings are very messy and WILL stain.

One thing that you should always remember is that you should never try to attempt to clean the guano when the bats are still living in your home. Firstly, they will continue to make a mess the whole time that they are living there and secondly, it is actually illegal to harm the bats – something that the cleaners and vacuum cleaners probably will do. In short, it’s always advisable to hire a guy to do the job properly!

How to get rid of bats

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