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I Love Wildlife and I'm Passionate About My Work!
My name is David, and I solve problems between people and wild animals. I operate in Orlando FL, but I get so many requests for wildlife help, that I have spent years creating a comprehensive directory of hundreds of competent and professional wildlife control companies throughout the US in pretty much every major town and city. I have spoken with all of the companies, and refined the list over the years. If you want to hire a pro, please click on my map of the USA to find someone in your area. Or if you have a question about wildlife removal, write me an email.

I've also written the below guides, so that you are well-informed regarding your wildlife problem:
How To Guide: do it yourself! - Advice on saving money by doing wildlife removal yourself.
How To Guide: Who should I hire? - What questions to ask, what to look for, who NOT to hire.
Guide: How much does wildlife removal cost? - Analysis of the wildlife control business, & prices.

Our NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) Philosophy:

  • We understand that most people appreciate wildlife, just not in their homes.

  • We aim to inform and educate people about America's wildlife.

  • We offer complete solutions. Not just trapping, but damage repairs, exclusion barriers, biohazard cleanup, and more. We make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish.

  • We take great pride in our work in order to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

  • We treat people with friendliness, courtesy, and respect.

  • We also treat animals with respect. We aim to be as humane as possible.

Click here for my nationwide list of hundreds of wildlife removal experts, serving all 50 states!

Click here for my wildlife removal journal blog.

We understand that while most people enjoy wildlife, they enjoy it in the wild, not in their own home. Many animals are fascinating creatures, and each has its own part on this planet, but unfortunately, there is only so much space. As the number of people continues to grow, and as people continue to spread into our remaining wild areas, animals have no choice but to adapt. This often means that they choose human dwellings as their living area of choice. If lack of space isn't enough, many animals find that human houses, with their sound construction, warmth, access to food, etc. are superior to wilderness habitat. For these reasons, human/animal conflicts are inevitable. We understand that people don't like sharing their homes with animals for a variety of reasons. Animals cause damage to our houses, they scratch and chew, cause fire hazards with their bedding material and by chewing on electrical wires, bring in a host of parasites and diseases that are transmissible to pets and humans. Animals also cause unsettling noise in a home. We find that most of my customers object to the noise, the destruction of property, and the droppings animals leave. We solve these problems and give customers peace of mind, as well as safety, while doing our best to respect nature as well.

Here are some of the cities that we service: Fort Lauderdale Animal Control - Phoenix Animal Control - San Jose Animal Control - Sacramento Animal Control - Denver Animal Control - Orlando Animal Control - Miami Animal Control - Jacksonville Animal Control - Atlanta Animal Control - Chicago Animal Control - Indianapolis Animal Control - Baltimore Animal Control - Charlotte Animal Control - Portland Animal Control - Philadelphia Animal Control - Pittsburgh Animal Control - Houston Animal Control - Seattle Animal Control and hundreds more!
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I just wanted to share with you how truly grateful I am that there are animal control people like you out there. We need more people who truly respect and understand how wildlife think and understand how important it is to educate the public on their misconceptions! I found your website/blog while searching the internet for photos of venomous snakes (for work) and saw your photo with the coral snake on your nose. I responded like you mentioned other people originally responded: in shock and horror that you would be willing to place such a dangerous snake on your nose. Then I read your blog and realized the truth (but only at the END, thank you very much!) ;) I too work to educate the public. I'm an environmental educator working for state parks in North Carolina. Ever since I was little I have loved animals and nature, and after coming across so many people with (sometimes laughable) misconceptions and, as a result, a fear of nature/animals, I knew that's what I wanted to do for a living: teaching people to correct their negative view of nature/animals and learn to love it/them. Ideologically I have considered being a wildlife control person like you, but I think that I will have to just appreciate it from a distance and maybe I will end up marrying someone with your wonderful vision and view (not to mention humor) of the natural world some day. What's your background? Is your family in the industry too? Any advice for a fellow animal lover and educator? Thank you very much for your work. You are truly an inspiration!

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