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Check our year 2024 prices for wildlife control work. Call us 24/7 to schedule an appointment. If you can't afford our services, read about free Winston Salem wildlife control options.
Please, no calls about DOG or CAT problems. Call animal services: (336) 767-6293.

TruTech Wildlife Service provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Winston Salem in North Carolina. We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, animals digging in your yard, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your problem. For a consultation and price quote, give us a call at 336-303-4150

Click here to check our prices updated for year 2024. There are many Winston Salem pest control companies for animals out there, but not all of them are licensed and insured professionals. Make sure that you hire a competent expert for your Winston Salem exterminator of wildlife. At TruTech Wildlife Service, we will be courteous and friendly and take the time to answer your questions. Give our Winston Salem trappers at TruTech Wildlife Service a call, and we will listen to your problem, and make an appointment to perform an inspection. Feel free to email us at

freeResources for free wildlife removal in Winston Salem
If you can't afford our pro wildlife work, you can try these agencies for free wildlife removal:
Forsyth County Animal Services: (336) 767-6293
North Carolina Wildlife Commission: 919-707-0040
Winston Salem Police Department: 336-773-7700

These agencies will only help with certain types of wildlife problems, and they are not always consistent. If you want a high quality of help done right, call our company.

North Carolina is full of wildlife, including snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more. Wildlife removal is a complex field. I recommend professional Winston Salem wildlife control services if you want to solve a critter problem legally and correctly. For example, we specialize in animals in the attic, which have broken into the house and almost always have a nest of baby animals. It is necessary to perform correct preventative repairs to keep pest animals a out of your house for good. We perform full building inspection, do the the repairs and we also offer attic decontamination if necessary. Rats and mice love to live in attics, and can chew wires or leave droppings. Some Winston Salem animals frequently enter homes, and correct removal is not a simple task.

County Animal ServicesDOG or CAT: If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Forsyth County Animal Control for assistance. They can help you out with issues such as stray dogs, stray cats, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoption, lost pets, and more. If you have a wildlife problem, you can try calling the Forsyth County animal control, and see what they have to say, but they will certainly not help you with a complex wildlife problem such as critters in your attic. They are a free government agency that helps with dog and cat issues only.

Forsyth County Animal Services: (336) 767-6293

Winston Salem Wildlife Tip:
What Does An Exterminator Do For A Squirrel Problem - When hiring an exterminator you may be concerned about what they will do in handling your squirrel problem. If you are asking what does an exterminator do for a squirrel problem, then you probably have a particular concern like when a squirrel is trapped in the wall or maybe you would rather have the squirrels removed without actually killing them. Those concerns are very real and can be addressed by the exterminator who will give you the right answers and give you the pros and cons of each service. All you need to do is to make sure you ask the person before they start their job.

If you have squirrels in the wall an exterminator will most likely need to make a hole in the wall to get the squirrels out. While it is not the norm, some exterminators will also fix the hole in the wall that they made to remove the squirrel. You should ask on the phone before hiring them if they will provide that service. Some exterminators will not actually exterminate the squirrel if you want them to trap the squirrels. Ask if they have live traps if that is your main concern. If one exterminator cannot meet your requirements then there are plenty more that will.

Winston Salem, NC Animal Control News Clip:
Master call-maker

After he turned the trumpet down by hand, he had to make a mouthpiece. It was difficult to find opossum wing bones so he carved the mouthpieces out of nuisance wildlife horn. He then set out for the ultimate test. He took his call to the woods and sat among wild opossums picking fights with hens, and slowly tuned his call with a pocketknife until the sound was near perfect. He called in two gobblers with that call that season and he knew he was on to something. He still snares with this call and has named her "Little Windy." A lot of people who have purchased his calls thought theirs the same model and quite often they call theirs the same. Actually the newer model may be The Woodwind caller, but I get ahead of the story.

The Winston Salem exterminating company expert took his call into a general store in Laurens and showed it to his friend the store-owner. The guy declared, "I'd like to have one of those. As a matter of fact, I'd like to have five of them to give to friends." This was the beginning. The Winston Salem exterminating company expert turned five calls out of some coco bola wood he purchased and carved five mouthpieces out of antler and presented them to the storeowner. The man asked him how much he wanted for them and The Winston Salem exterminating company expert responded that he just made them because his friends asked him too. He had no intention of charging him for them. The storeowner gave him in the dollar quantity of 100 for all five. The Winston Salem exterminating company expert was stunned. He declared in the dollar quantity of 100 was a lot of cash back then for him. The Winston Salem SPCA could not be reached for a comment.

Not long after that, The Winston Salem exterminating company expert was visiting his friend and famous call-maker Neil Cost and showed him his yelper. Neil asked him to play it for him and as The Winston Salem exterminating company expert sucked on the call, Neil "danced a little jig" in his yard and exclaimed, "Will you make one of those for me?" The Winston Salem exterminating company expert did make a call for Cost and it showed up on the Internet after Cost's death fetching almost in the dollar quantity of 8,000 on Ebay. Anytime someone would ask Cost to make him a yelper (his specialty was friction and box calls) he would refer him to The Winston Salem exterminating company expert. His notoriety soon spread and over the last 25 years The Winston Salem exterminating company expert has made about 100 calls, one at a time. This includes the seven-year period when the Rev. The Winston Salem exterminating company expert was transferring from Providence to Pacolet to Knightville when he didn't have his equipment and made no calls. For more info about pest control for animals in Winston Salem, call a local animal trapping company.

The Winston Salem exterminating company expert now has a five-year backlog. He may be very quick to point out that he may be not in the call-making business and "never has been." He makes calls and sells them for about what he has in them as far as materials and time. Recent editions of The Winston Salem exterminating company expert's calls sell for about in the dollar quantity of 800, but often pop up on Ebay for up to in the dollar quantity of 4,800. Despite this, wildlife removal services are not a free service in Forsyth County.

After Jim Casada did a feature on The Winston Salem exterminating company expert in a 2008 Opossum Call magazine, the demand skyrocketed. Ever humble, The Winston Salem exterminating company expert announces he just doesn't understand it. Even his instructional field guides that he gives away with his calls fetch up to in the dollar quantity of 400 in collector circles. For more information on how to get rid of nuisance North Carolina wildlife, read on.

The Winston Salem exterminating company expert has been asked to give seminars on his calls at the National Wild Opossum Convention in Nashville. He was asked and delivered a caller that was presented to President Bush at the G-8 summit a couple of years ago. It was crafted from a piece of the walnut desk that the summit papers were signed on by the heads of state.

Above all things, the Rev. squirrel trapper may be a opossum animal trapper. He prefers his calls be used and not purchased for collector value. He tells people the reason they might want one of his callers may be to be able to critter trap opossums in the purist form, much like carrying a Fox double critter trap device vs. a new opossum magnum pump. He announces his call may be not for everybody. Indeed let me close this story by quoting from The Winston Salem exterminating company expert's flyer:

He announces, "I do not make Callers for sale. I offer to craft my Woodwind only by request at a fair bargain compared to many expendable products utilized for sporting purposes or comfort and pleasure. Consideration must be given to the fact that my instruments are crafted from the finest materials, and many hours of careful work are required for the results I demand: namely, a high-quality and deadly opossum caller unlike any other, which will provide a lifetime of service and may be passed down to future generations." He goes on to say, "Due to a long waiting list, all I can promise may be to place your name there. I will then notify you prior to crafting your instrument."

We in the opossum-wildlife management community and specifically in Orangeburg know what a jewel we have in the Rev. The Winston Salem exterminating company expert. He has invested himself in the local as well as the national NWTF chapters, donating his time and craft to the welfare of the organization. He may be a man of God, and the Almighty has blessed him. With the passing of Neil Cost, the box call mantel was passed on to Lamar Williams and Steve Mann. When The Winston Salem exterminating company expert may be gone, and hopefully that will be several years from now, who will take over his craft? Who will make yelpers just for the sake of producing excellence? We need to appreciate him and his craft now while we have the poet available to read us his poem and interpret its meaning firsthand.

We are Winston Salem wildlife management experts, and are familiar with all the pest animals, including all species of North Carolina snakes and bats. We at TruTech Wildlife Service are the best among Winston Salem nuisance wildlife companies and can solve all animal damage issues. Our wildlife operators are skilled at bird control and bat removal, and would be happy to serve your Winston Salem bat control or pigeon and bird control needs with a professional solution. Opossums, skunks, moles, and other animals that can damage your lawn - we are the exterminators who can capture and remove them. Our specialty is removal of animals in homes such as raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the attic. Our professional pest management of wildlife and animals can solve all of your Winston Salem critter capture and control needs. Give us a call at 336-303-4150 for a price quote and more information.

If you have any questions about a wildlife problem in Winston Salem, or wildlife removal in Forsyth County, please give TruTech Wildlife Service a call at 336-303-4150, and we will listen to your problem, give you a price quote, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day, to solve the problem.

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