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Wildlife Removal Advice - Muscovy duck prevention

Muscovy duck prevention

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While the vast majority of people may think that ducks are cute little animals, the truth remains that these creatures can be quite dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. That may seem quite ridiculous to the vast majority of people, but the truth is that certain species of ducks carry diseases that can be dangerous, if not fatal to the vast majority of people.

One such example is the Muscovy duck. This is a wild form of dock that originally remained in tropical climates but has now moved to virtually any location on the earth. They are even adapting quite well in cold weather climates, which is becoming a concern to many people because species of other animals who have not come in contact with the pathogens carried by these ducks before are now at risk of becoming sick or even dying from the diseases that are carried by them. By them being on your property, you are at serious risk of endangering your family from the diseases that they carry. This is why you want to do all that you can to keep the off of your land and away from the ones you love. If you are looking for ways to repel these ducks from your property, then here are some ideas for you to employ.

The first of these is an obvious one. If you eliminate the reasons for them to be on your land then they will not come around. What this means is that you should eliminate potential food sources or places where they can set up their own residence there. If you have birdfeeders, places where seeds can be found, or locations that would seem ideal for one of these animals to set up its residence then you need to try to eliminate that. By doing so you deny the bird its primary needs and it will look somewhere else for these items.

You should also look into getting commercial repellents to help you with this problem. Before doing so, understand that repellents only have a limited potential for assisting you. Because of the fact that birds can fly and that the repellents effects will wear off during rain or heavy winds, you will only see a limited time. Where these can work. However, you may only need a small amount of time. It may still be to your advantage to use a repellent.

If you have locations where water will build up, you want to do all that you can to eliminate those. Standing water is one of the things that will attract a Muscovy duck to your land. If you take that away you will not have to worry about them returning so easily.

Also, if you have a garden or other large area of vegetation it is a good idea to fence those in and put netting over the top. This will stop at the dock from being able to gain access and will keep it away from your land.

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