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Wildlife Removal Advice - Sea gull control methods

Sea gull control methods

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Sea gulls are often referred to as the rats of the bird family. This is because they will eat virtually anything they come across, and they can also be very destructive in terms of the mess that they leave behind them. Because sea gulls travel in large groups together, they can leave a significantly large amount of waste behind them, not only in terms of the feces and urine that they create, but also in the pieces of food that they don't consume. This can make the area around your home or business look absolutely disgusting.

Because of this, you want to do all that you can to try to deter these birds from coming around your area. While you can do this and many ways, there are a few that stand out above and beyond the others. Here are some that you may want to look into.

Grid Wire Deterrent System - a very popular option that will take a little time to create but yet poses no risk to anyone, including the goals, is the use of the grid wire deterrent system. This is a series of poles and lines that you used to put over your property that deters these animals from being able to fly onto your land. Because they cannot gain access, they will then look to go somewhere else which can remove any concerns that you will have for the future. While this can be a bit on the pricey side and it takes some time to set up, you will like the fact that this is a near permanent solution to keeping seagulls away as long as you have the grid system in place.

Motion Sensors-Sprinkler System - another means that you can use to keep seagulls away is by setting up a series of motion detectors around your property that are hooked to your sprinkler system. When seagulls landed on your property, the motion sensors are activated, which activates your sprinkler system. This will spray water at these flying rats, scaring them away so that your land is safe from these creatures.

The Daddi Long Legs – This is one of the most peculiar methods that you can use to get sea gulls to leave your property. How this works is that this is a system that contains a rotating head that freely moves around. The head has long steel wires that are attached to it that bounce any time that a bird comes in contact with it. Not only does it act as an irritant toward the birds, but it will also interfere with their ability to try to take off or land. What you will find is that this has been a very successful deterrent because it can be placed on land, on your roof, or other structure to keep the sea gulls away.

These may seem like methods that are a little too technological for some, but they do provide the right kind of success so that you can keep these birds away.

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