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Wildlife Removal Advice - Bird spike installation

Bird spike installation

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Getting birds to stay away from your house can be a real challenge. Because these animals are able to fly, you have to be able to employ different kinds of barriers to be able to exclude them. This isn't like putting up a fence to stop a pesky raccoon from coming onto your property. You have to take measures that will keep a flying animal from landing on your roof, while considering that it can come from many different angles to be able to gain access. This sounds like a rather daunting task.

To try to accomplish this, some turn to such things as bird spike installation to assist in keeping birds away. If you are unfamiliar with these devices, they are a strip with metal spikes sticking up out of that you attached to your roof in areas where you know that birds are known to gather.

If you have never seen these before, they are quite similar to the kinds of structures that you would've seen around Army fortifications 100 years ago. They are spikes that stick up and crisscross one another so that they are dangerous for a bird to try to land on. Not only are they uncomfortable to the bird, who can't find a location to roost at, but they also pose a health risk as they can puncture the carcass of this flying animal.

These really do work, but it is the installation of them that it makes it a successful measure for you to employ. It's not that they are difficult to install. Many come with adhesive strips to them or offer you the opportunity to either nail or screw them into a portion of your home. These are quite easy to get up, it is in making sure that you are choosing the right location that is the most important factor for placing up the bird spike.

Where you will find is that most birds roost in one of two areas on your home. This is either on the edge of your roof or directly under the eaves. In fact, birds are more likely to build a nest under the eaves of your home then on any other place on your property outside of a tree. What this tells you is that you need to place these bird spikes under the eaves of your home, maybe even in several locations. You may also have to place them on the edges of your roof in several spots as well.

This may make your house look like you are preparing for battle, and the truth is that you are. Large numbers of birds pose a serious health risk to you and your family because of the waste that they leave behind. Plus, they can be noisy as anything you can imagine. You may not like the fact that you have to place on so many of these bird spikes around your home, but you will find that they are extremely successful in keeping these flying creatures away.

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