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Wildlife Removal Advice - Starling control methods

Starling control methods

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The Starling is one of those birds that most people don't seem to mind. Because they are smaller sized birds the vast majority of people don't have any real issue with them. When they see one or two of them coming onto their property to eat seed, drink water, or go after worms they hardly notice them at all. It's a very symbiotic relationship of sorts.

The problem arises when dozens, if not hundreds of these birds get onto your land. This can happen frequently, as the Starling will travel in large groups that can pose a serious risk to you and your family. These birds release a large amount of waste wherever they go, which often carries bacteria and parasites that can put your family at risk. That is clearly not something you want for yourself or your family and so driving them away becomes an important means of keeping those in your house safe. This is where it becomes important to find different control methods to keep the Starling away or limit their numbers.

The first thing that you can do is to limit the food that is available to them. A Starling is going to come to your property if he or she finds that there are available food sources that they can get to. This means that you not only need to eliminate such things as birdfeeders, but you should also do all that you can to make sure that there is not seeds from trees that are easily accessible as well.

If you have trees that have fruit on them, like cherries or apples, it may become necessary to place netting over the top of that so as to keep these creatures away from them. The netting deters the Starling from being able to get to the fruit, which reduces down the food source that is available to them.

You should also look into putting up devices that make it difficult for the animal to be able to land on places around your property such as the roof of your home or the railing to your deck. This can be done using such things as bird spikes or other similar devices which deny the bird the ability to be able to land comfortably so it can roost. While these can be expensive if you have to purchase many of them, and they are not the most appealing looking objects, they are quite effective at getting the job done. This should be your primary concern and you should know that these devices can be quite successful.

You may also want to look into commercial repellents to assist you in your battle critters. You can find products online or at many home improvement stores which give you the ability to stop animals like birds from wanting to land on your property because they find the repellent too much of an irritant for them. This can be a great way to resolve your problem and gain back your home for yourself.

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