I trap them in humane cage traps.

Customer Squirrel Email: Hi David, I have been enjoying your advise about squirrel control this morning. I have had squirrels in a cathedral ceiling, that are not present today but will surely return as the weather cools here in SW Missouri. Carpenters are repairing the damage to this cathedral ceiling now. We did find and repair wiring that had been chewed bare and was a fire hazard. With new soffits, roof sheeting and shingles our roof should be sealed up for the timbering. Yet I know the squirrels are coming back. I will not be able to access the cathedral ceiling after the carpenter work is complete. I think I should get 4 Havahart traps (two on our deck floor to either side of our door, one on the deck railing where the squirrels came in last winter and one on the roof where I can move it with a long pole). If the squirrels get back into the ceiling, I will try to find a "one way door" trap to install over the hole. Does this sound like a reasonable plan for a cathedral ceiling? Thank you for your answer, Ed St.Cin

My Answer: Since you don't have squirrels in your ceiling right now, it's imperative that you seal up any openings from outside leading in, before the next litter of squirrels is born! If you need expert help in Missouri, just contact any of my MO wildlife operators listed on my directory.

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Probably the most common human/wildlife conflict nationwide is the one between people and squirrels. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is an agile and common suburban and urban animal, and it loves to chew and explore. They frequently raid the birdfeeder, but this isn't a big problem. The real problem is that squirrels commonly seek out places in which to live, and this commonly includes human dwellings - attics, crawl spaces, walls, chimneys, and more. They chew and often cause damage inside buildings, to wood and electrical wires. The only way to permanently solve a squirrel problem is to find out how the rodents are gaining access to the inside of the building, and fix those openings, after the animals have been trapped and removed, of course. One-way exclusion devices also work very well for squirrel problems in buildings. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Squirrels page.

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