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Wildlife Removal Advice - Will A High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work Against Groundhogs?

Will A High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work Against Groundhogs?

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If you imagine the reaction that a person will have to a high pitched squeal or screech, it will often lead to people holding their hands over their ears or even flinching at these sounds that are painful to hear. It is this theory that is used when people look at using an animal repellent that produces a high pitched sound. Because the groundhogs and other animals tend to have a more sensitive audio range than people, the frequency of the sound that is emitted by these devices is actually outside the hearing range of people, but is at the top end of the hearing range of the groundhog.

Different Types Of Devices

There are usually two types of these devices available, and depending on the power that they use they can either be operated by battery or they will require a connection to a mains electricity supply. The devices will also have one of two ways of operating, with some devices creating a permanent high pitched sound that is constantly present, while other devices will be motion activated and will produce the sound in short bursts.

Why Audio Repellents Are Usually Ineffective

The theory behind these devices is quite clever, but unfortunately like many other pest animals the groundhog is quite resilient, and the repellent effect of the sound deterrent machine is unlikely to be enough to drive the animal away. The other factor is that because the animals spend the majority of their time underground, they will often be out of the hearing range of the devices, giving them a respite from the noise.

Do Any Repellents Get Rid Of Groundhogs?

Along with audio devices, there are also a range of chemicals and home remedies that are said to drive away groundhogs, and these can be purchased online and from garden centers and hardware stores. However, these usually prove to be similarly effective and do not really get rid of the groundhog problem.

How To Solve Your Groundhog Problem

While using repellents may give the groundhog time to get settled in its new den, the best option is to go straight to the trapping process so that you can catch and get rid of the animals before they cause some serious damage. Both lethal trapping and cage trapping can be used effectively against these animals, although it is worth checking local regulations to make sure that both are legal in your area. For more information about Will A High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work Against Groundhogs?, you may want to read this guide that I wrote: How to get rid of groundhogs - my main groundhog removal information page.

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