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Wildlife Removal Advice - What kind of damage do moles cause to a lawn?

What kind of damage do moles cause to a lawn?

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You probably won't see moles, because they live underground. They build complex tunnel systems that can go undetected for a while … until they build their mole hills, and that's when you realize you have a problem on your hands.

In some ways, moles are good. They help to cultivate land, and to aerate it too. This helps water and nutrients to get in all the places it couldn't before, and that can mean better land to try and grow plant life on. They get rid of bugs, earthworms mostly, but they do seem to be able to switch it up a bit, depending on what is available at the time.

In other ways, moles are bad. Very bad. Excavated soil on your beautiful lawn is a big giveaway, and all that tunneling can have a detrimental effect on the state of the land, specifically, the plants that are growing on top of it. Roots can be disrupted, causing many plants to die, and with enough time, this creature can destroy vast land areas.

If you leave a singular mole to establish itself and tunnels under your property, you run the risk of the building itself being structurally unstable and, therefore, unsafe. It could have a negative effect on the actual land outside too, and if you have animals that graze on that land, the mole hills could be fatal. Horses have been known to fall into mole hills and unstable mole tunnels, causing broken limbs which will the inevitably lead to the horse being euthanized.

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