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Wildlife Removal Advice - What is a mole hill? Describe mole tunnels

What is a mole hill? Describe mole tunnels

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You will know if you have moles in your garden, because you will usually see one of two things. You will either see the mole tunnel or you will see the mole hill. Either way, they both affect your soil, both in good ways and bad ways, but the bad ways often come with structural damage, repair costs, and a lot of hassle and stress.

Just what you needed, right?
Molehills are created when moles excavate their tunnels. All of the soil and earth that they don't need, because they haven’t taken it out to make way for the tunnels, is pushed to the surface in mounds that are shaped a little bit like small volcanoes. In some senses, it could be an underground volcano, but instead of hot lava coming out of it, it’ll be earth and soil kicked out by the mole, or the mole itself. And it won't be as dramatic as a real volcano too, of course.

Gophers can create mole hills-style structures, but they don't tend to have the tunnel systems within their homes. They have no need to force the material to the surface like that, with the minor hill-like structures as a way to find food. The mole doesn't need to do this as many of its food sources are beneath the ground already, such as earthworms.

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