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Information about rat poo and droppings - rat crap in the attic and house.

Rats Leave Their Droppings (Feces) In the Attic

Rats have high metabolisms. They eat a lot, and thus they poop a lot. They eat around 15-25 grams of food per day, and leave between 25-50 droppings per day, or so I've read. When I catch a live rat in a cage trap, it appears to leave about that amount. Thus, when you've got rats in the attic, they can leave a lot of droppings up there. They also urinate. This not only creates a bad odor, it attracts new rats to the area. Once you've had rats in your home, they won't just go away - new rats will always detect the smell and enter the attic. I'm not an expert on zoonotic diseases, but I've read that the droppings can transmit several possible diseases to humans, such as salmonellosis or bacterial food poisoning, leptospirosis, trichinosis, melioidosid, brucellosis, and a whole lot of other diseases that I don't know much about. I do know that I always wear protective gloves and a hepa filter mask when dealing with rat droppings.

The above photo is typical for an attic that has a rat infestation. Most of the attic was like this - thousands upon thousands of droppings. After I trap and remove all of the rats and seal shut all of the possible entry points leading into the attic, thus ensuring that the problem is permanently taken care of, I clean the rat waste. I vacuum up all the droppings that I can, and use a special enzyme-based biohazard cleaner to disintegrate and decontaminate the rat poop and urine. If the contamination is really bad, the situation may call for complete insulation removal and replacement.

You can read about rat diseases from droppings here on my website.

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Reader Question: I found your site through a web search and was wondering if your company or you know of a good one in the Memphis, TN area that does attic decontamination. I've had a couple mice around here before and was able to catch them and take care of the problem before it got bad. Recently I noticed a rat and ended up trapping 5 of them. Now I know they spent a lot of time in my attic before I noticed and got rid of them because of the amount of rat crap up there.

 I was going to use my shop vac and get to working on it but I have a feeling I'm going to need someone with better tools than what I've got. There is an odor in my bedroom now and so that was my starting place, right above it. I think this is a nesting place for them and I have used some of the pellets and there's a dead one up there somewhere making my room stink! Anyways, I really think I'm in need of an attic decontamination considering the amount and a couple years ago when I was putting insulation in this house there was already mouse poop up there.

My goal is to get this cleaned up and also make sure I have the places I know they have access to my attic sealed off and to avoid getting ill while doing so. I don't mind the work, but I think at this point I need professional help. Please let me know what you would suggest and what to do next. Thanks! Jason

Answer: I would probably hire a pro in your case. My professional directory of wildlife operators should have someone good listed in your area.

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