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Types of Wildlife and Animal Problems in Columbia, SC

Columbia Wildlife Control Info

If you need a professional wildlife trapper in Columbia, SC call Terminix Service, Inc.: 803-832-2495

South Carolina State bird: Carolina wren, wild turkey
State mammal: White-tailed deer
State reptile: Loggerhead sea turtle
State amphibian: Spotted salamander
State fish: Striped bass
State insect: Carolina mantis

South Carolina is a coastal state, and like most other coastal states, it has marine animals and terrestrial animals in a good variety. Much of the state is sandy. The coast plain, of course, is very flat and has the vegetation characteristic of coarse soil. Further inland, however, there is still sand; dunes from what used to be the coast millions of years ago rise up in the middle of the state. Forests and fields are ample, and a small corner of the region contains peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. South Carolina is typically hot and humid, but the winter can be quite cool and snow is occasionally seen.

South Carolina, with its fairly consistent temperatures, is home to many different reptiles, including the alligator. Other reptiles of note are the various venomous snakes in the region. South Carolina has copperhead snakes, cottonmouth snakes, coral snakes, and several species of rattlesnakes. These serpents are found in all regions of the state, though they are not as common on the coastal plain.

The state has many large predators including red wolves, grey wolves, and mountain lions. Coyotes are common statewide, and black bear are also widely distributed around South Carolina. With the large predators are also the common nuisance animals found around the country. South Carolina has rats, a huge selection of mouse species, armadillos, bats, skunks, raccoons, and squirrels.

Being a coastal state, South Carolina has marine animals like whales, dolphins, and porpoises, frequently spotted in the waters off the coast. Many of these animals are present year-round, and invite a slew of tourists to come and visit the sandy beaches. Tourists generally mean free food for seagulls, the most common nuisance animal for people on the shore.

At one time, many years ago, South Carolina had native bison. The large grazers have all but vanished from the East Coast, and most of the herds present are privately owned. Wild bison are still found in the Great Plains, but their numbers are significantly reduced from what they were hundreds of years ago. Elk were also once native to South Carolina. Deforestation and heavy influx of people drove the animals out of the state years ago. Now, white-tailed deer are the predominant grazing animal in the wild.
  Columbia Raccoons: This masked animal is fairly common in Columbia, SC. They frequently raid trash cans and steal pet food. They also often choose to live in the attic or chimney of your home. One of South Carolina's beautiful animals, but often a nuisance. We offer Columbia raccoon removal.
  Columbia Squirrels: Squirrels are often a pest in Columbia. They love to live in an attic, and will chew on wood or electrical wires. They are agile creatures, and live throughout the state of South Carolina. Call Terminix Service, Inc. if you need squirrel removal in Columbia.
  Columbia Opossum: You may spot this animal in Columbia at night time, perhaps rooting through your garbage. This opportunistic animal will take your pet's food or live under your porch. The possum is a great South Carolina survivor, and not all that ugly.
  Columbia Snakes: There are many species of snakes in Columbia, but few are venomous. If you need help identifying snakes of South Carolina, browse this site or give us a call at 803-832-2495. We at Terminix Service, Inc. can provide Columbia snake control any time you need us.
  Columbia Rat Control: The Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse inhabit most areas of North America that people inhabit, including most South Carolina cities. They contaminate food and love to live in the walls or attic of a home. Terminix Service, Inc. can get rid of them once and for all.
  Columbia Bats: Bats are special animals, and found throughout South Carolina. They are good creatures and eat a lot of insects, but if you have an infestation of bats in your home or building, you can give us a call for professional Columbia bat removal and control.
We are experts with all kinds of SC wildlife. If you need Columbia pigeon control, geese or other bird removal, we can help. We are experts with skunks and skunk problems, digging animals such as moles, armadillos, & groundhogs, and we offer South Carolina beaver control and removal. Terminix Service, Inc. also provides dead animal removal services. 803-832-2495


Columbia Wildlife Tip
How to catch a possum in the attic
Let's get straight to the point - you have a possum in your attic and you want rid of the creature. Its little footsteps are driving you bonkers when you are trying to sleep at night, and you have had enough! There is no need to panic, people! Help is at hand. You have a few options open to you:

Firstly, call a professional wildlife control company or professional. After all, that is what they are there for! You can try to catch the little bleeder yourself, but it will take a bit of practice, especially if you have never gone into the crazy world of wildlife control before!

Your first step should be to try to eliminate the possum in the natural way - wait for bedtime and get to work. If you know for t a fact that the possum is in your attic, go up there after dark and put as many lights as you can out and about so there aren’t many in the way of dark corners or crevices. These tend to be nocturnal creatures so if the attic is constantly lit up, you may just “encourage” them to leave naturally.Of course, leaving all the lights on will not always work, especially if you already have an almighty electric bill, so you do have the option of using a trap big enough for a possum, baiting it with some good food and keeping your fingers crossed! 
Columbia, SC Wildlife News Clip:
Wildlife - Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel trapping prospects excellent for Saturday throughout South Carolina

TPWD biologist Max The Columbia Snake Control Man said Richland Country Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel exterminators can expect to see Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel with good to better than average body conditions. He adds that the antler quality will be at least average and maybe better in areas that aren't overpopulated. Ditto that for West South Carolina. Like other biologists he recommends that Hill Country exterminators work seriously on population control. South Carolina has an abundance of wildlife, and Columbia is no exception.

South South Carolina exterminators might not see the numbers of trophy class bucks they have seen in the past few seasons, due in large part to drought conditions. But TPWD's South South Carolina biologist Ty The Columbia Snake Control Man said that overall production of Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel was down in many areas of the brush country. Remember to treat the wild animals of Columbia, South Carolina, with respect and care.

However, he said body conditions on most Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel look to be good to excellent. Antler development has been average, with some high scoring bucks being seen on managed ranches, according to The Columbia Snake Control Man's field report. South Carolina has many reptiles, and it's important to be able to identify Columbia snake species and mammals.

The general Raccoon, Opossum & Squirrel season opens Nov. 5 statewide, except for a few counties in the Panhandle. The North Zone closes Jan. 1, while the South Zone continues for two additional weeks, ending Jan. 15. The special Youth-Only season is Jan. 21-22 statewide. Although several species of wildlife roam Columbia, only a few, such as raccoons and squirrels and rats are considered pest wildlife.


You're still reading this page? We do not operate Columbia wildlife rescue, but are a privately owned nuisance wildlife removal service company. If you need a pro in Columbia to solve your problem for you, call Terminix Service, Inc.: 803-832-2495 and they can help you with your Columbia wildlife problem.
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