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Wildlife Removal Advice - How to keep away alligators

How to keep away alligators

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There may be honestly nothing scarier to come across as an alligator. These are extremely ferocious looking animals, with sharp teeth that protrude out of their mouth in such a way as to make them as terrifying as it can get. Add to the fact that they can be quite agile and quick in their movements, and it can be a real concern if they somehow get onto your property.

This is why you want to take steps to ensure that an alligator can't get anywhere near your home. The fact that they could easily injure or kill you, a family member, or your pet makes them is dangerous as it can be. This is why it is important to know how to keep away alligators from your house.

There are several things that you can do to keep them away, starting with a good quality fence. If you live in an area where alligators are known to swim or live, then putting a fence up is a great deterrent from them being able to gain access onto your property. Know that fences should be placed under the water as well because these critters can swim underneath the fence and gain access to your property if you don't do this. By putting up a fence that covers both the water area and land you greatly diminish the opportunity for an alligator to come knocking at your door.

You also should make sure that there are no enticements around that would encourage the alligator to come to your house. If you are leaving out your pet's food the alligator may see that as a tasty treat as well. You also want to ensure that your dog or cat are not left alone outside, as the alligator may see them as a tasty treat. If you take special precautions to limit potential food sources than the alligator is going to look someplace else.

There are also alligator repellents that you can buy out there. Some of these can be quite exceptional at doing the job while others have limited success. What you need to know regardless of the repellent that you buy is that it will take a considerable amount for you to apply on a regular basis. The reason behind this is twofold. First of all, it is likely that whether will wash away the repellent and so you will have to reapply it on a regular basis. You also have to think that if this is along a shoreline that the wash from the lake or creek will take the repellent away as well.

Regardless of which means you intend to use, even if you intend to use them all, you should make sure that you never take action to come in direct contact with the alligator. If it comes onto your land, go inside. Contact your local animal control to handle the problem for you because these animals can be extremely aggressive and dangerous to you and your family.

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