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Wildlife Removal Advice - What is in my attic?

What is in my attic?

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Boy, that is a question that most people probably feel they can answer with absolute certainty. They will believe that the only things that would be found in their will be the insulation, dust, and maybe a few spiders. For those who use their attic for storage, they may find that there are boxes, books, old clothing, and even pictures that are present in the attic. Beyond that, they simply don’t see anything else being there.

Sadly, that is rarely the case. The truth of the matter is that many different kinds of animals will find your attic as the perfect location to create their own home. Because the attic is a secluded part of your house, and is often left completely undisturbed, these animals find it as the perfect respite where they can set up residence and not to be disturbed at all.

You may recognize this, but think that there is really no way that one of these creatures could gain access into your home. This is another myth that many people soon learn to regret. All it takes is something like a loose board, a crack in your siding, or a slat that is broken in event, and you have an entry point into your home.

From there, there are many different kinds of animals that can use this as a means to gain access onto your property and into your home. This allows such things as birds, bats, squirrels, rats, and even possums and raccoons to be able to get into your attic. That sure should scare you.

These animals can be quite messy once they are inside your home, and because of the fact that you probably rarely visit your attic, they may be able to live there for months if not years without you ever knowing that they were there. These creatures carry diseases and pathogens that you not only can contract if you come in contact with them, but also can get by simply stepping into their feces or breathing it in. It truly is a nightmare, and they can turn your dream home into a nightmare in no time at all.

To make sure that you have no issue with animals getting into your attic, it is a good idea to do a routine search around your home to make sure that nothing is present. Look for such things as loose boards, cracks, and holes that would give an animal an opportunity to get into your property. If you find that there are areas like this before you close them do a thorough search of your attic. Make sure that you completely cover all of your exposed skin, that you wear boots, gloves, goggles, and a surgical mask, before starting your search.

If you find something then you will need to take the appropriate measures to get rid of that animal before sealing the entryway is using. The next time somebody asks you what is in my attic, you want to say with competence that there surely is no animal in there. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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