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Wildlife Removal Advice - Exotic reptile species that live in the wild of Florida

Exotic reptile species that live in the wild of Florida

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Florida is the place where millions of older Americans have moved looking to find a warm climate where they can enjoy above average temperatures and beautiful scenes year-round. Florida not only offers an incredible climate, but great vacation destinations, and a life of luxury that makes it the ideal place to spend the golden years of your life.

Older Americans are not the only ones who see Florida has a great destination. There are plenty of exotic reptiles that you can find in the state as well. Because of the various ecosystems that are available, including swamplands and beach areas, reptiles find this to be a great location because of the warm temperatures, abundance of vegetation, and variety of species of prey that are at their disposal. If you are wondering about some of the more exotic reptile species that live in the wild the Florida, here are some of the more interesting ones.

Pythons and anacondas - any discussion of exotic reptiles in Florida has to begin with these rather ominous snakes. Over the last decades, pythons and anacondas have found their way into the sunshine state, often through purchases by individuals who soon find that the snakes are too much for them to handle, thus releasing them into the wild. These are not only very dangerous snakes, quite deadly ones. They are extremely aggressive and will attack virtually any animal that they come in contact with, including people. Because of their size, they are often able to successfully attack people, especially children, and so coming in contact with one of these reptiles is often life-threatening.

Frogs and Lizards - there are also several different kinds of lizards and frogs that have very small bodies that are found in Florida. The Cuban tree frog is one such example, which was first discovered off the island of Cuba and now finds itself successfully inhabiting Florida. There are also several different kinds of lizards, including the brown anole, the northern curly tail lizard, and the Mediterranean gecko. All of these, with the exception of the brown anole, started in other areas but have now made their way into Florida. Most of these species have made their way to Florida by hitching a ride on cargo, but do not pose a health risk to most human beings. They are quite content seeking after insects.

However, this is not true of the larger size lizards and snakes that have been introduced to the area through the pet trade. Snakes such as the Burmese python have already been mentioned, but there are a couple of different lizards that are becoming commonplace in the state. This includes the black spiny tailed iguana and the Argentine black-and-white tegu. Both of these can grow to be quite large in size, and are extremely aggressive. They will attack human beings and can inflict severe injury should they bite or scratch a person.

These kinds of animals are not often found in large metropolitan places but you will find them near swamps and Everglades areas.

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