Do high pitch sound deterrent machine repel wild animals?

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There are very few repellents that actually work to get rid of wild animals, and the ones that do work, work best when used in conjunction with other wild animal control methods. High pitch sound devices are often marketed as a way to get rid of a wide number of wild critters in a natural way, but when you take a closer look at them, you realize that they are basically pointless.

Animals targeted by these devices include rabbits, squirrels, skunks, opossums, raccoons, deer, chipmunks, rats, mice, beavers, voles, feral and stray cats, wild boar, stray dogs, spiders, bats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and more.

Firstly, if these worked how come these infestations still happen in homes and commercial buildings every day? We would be out of a job if these deterrents worked, and we can assure that we are very much NOT out of a job. Wild animals are invading homes more and more with each day that passes, and these deterrents and repellents are working less and less. These animals are evolving, and they have learned how to live side by side with humans. Most of the time they manage to do this for some time without being detected. If noises really worked to get rid of these animals, they wouldn't go anywhere near human homes, and this is not the case. They regularly visit human buildings, both homes and commercial properties alike. They often stick around if they are given the opportunity to.

With both indoor and outdoor versions available, some of these devices can cost $100 and more. We have found entire systems that cost close to a thousand dollars, and that’s before you think about the cost of running them. The ones that are plugged into the mains constantly use electricity for the time that they are on, and the ones that require batteries will need constant replacements. For $1000 — the price of some of these ‘ultrasonic repellents’ — you could have hired a professional to come in and do the entire job for you.

“Humans are unable to hear these high pitched sounds … “

Sadly, this is false also. Many humans CAN hear these repellent and deterrent machines, although the technology has gotten better over recent years. You’ll soon find out when you can’t get to sleep at night, or the neighbors start banging on your door because the noise is keeping them up at night.

“These devices are harmless and annoy wildlife into leading your property … “

Wildlife, sadly, can’t be annoyed into leaving your property. They are much more resilient than that, especially these days. Harmless they might be, but they're also useless. If a sound machine really worked on the entire list of animals they are commercially sold for, wild animals wouldn’t come anywhere near human homes. If you’ve ever had a wild animal invader you’ll know this is very much NOT the case.

So, they’re expensive to buy, expensive to run, might annoy your neighbors, will potentially keep you awake at night, and they don't work. Nor do they solve the problem …

Tell me again why you thought about buying these high pitch sound deterrent machines again?

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