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Wildlife Relocation

10.25.2006 - Here is Tim, releasing some squirrels into a wildlife preserve area.   These animals were caught and removed from an attic in a suburban home.  We perform live trapping and relocation of all our wildlife that we catch, so long as it's legal to do so.  We always strive to put the animals under the least amount of stress possible.  We never leave animals in the sun, we don't leave them in traps for long, and we always relocate them same day.

However, what is the right way to relocate wildlife?  It's possible that we are in fact putting them under a lot of stress by relocating them.  Wild animals are used to the area they grew up in.  It's the environment they know.  They have established territories, and they know where to find food and water sources. When they are moved to a new area, they have a whole new learning curve and they don't know where to find anything.  Also, many animals are territorial, and they have to compete for resources. By introducing animals to a new area, we may create conflicts with the existing wildlife in the area.

Then again, all of nature is like this.  New animals are constantly being born, conditions always changing.  Animals have to adapt.  It's the ability to thrive in new conditions that makes these animals successful survivors.  The nuisance wildlife that we deal with tend to be very adaptable.   They can live in wild areas as well as urban areas.

I do believe that the wildlife we deal with would be better off if we never trapped and removed them at all.  However, these animals are causing problems for people, and it's our job to take care of it, as humanely as possible.  I'll continue to relocate wildlife in a legal and responsible manner.

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