Trapping Muscovy Ducks

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Ducks are one of those kinds of animals that everyone seems to love. Even in the cartoons they are presented in such a way that they become an appealing little critter that everybody finds adorable.

And why not? What's not to love about a dock. These are fantastic creatures which swim around on ponds or lakes, adding to the beauty of virtually any place they go. They are truly a fantastic creature, at least they seem that way.

While ducks can be quite attractive and then some beauty to your home, they are also filthy animals that can create risks for you and your property. On top of that, some breeds of dock can pose a health risk to your family because of the fact that they are unable to survive in certain conditions or environments. This can create a health risk for you and your family as these animals can die and spread diseases.

One, in particular, that comes to mind is the Muscovy duck. This is an animal that has flourished in tropical climates, but is finding itself adapting to warmer areas of the country. While the adults are having success in making it in new environments, the concern among many biologists is that breeding with other species of dock will likely produce offspring that are unable to survive once born. This is where the health issue becomes a reality.

While you may not want these ducks around your property, that does not mean that you want to take some kind of permanent action that can lead to their death. The more likely scenario is that you are simply looking for a means to be able to trap them and move them to another location where they can have a better chance of success. You may find that even if they are able to survive in your area that it could be a challenge for them because of animals or environmental factors that could hamper their ability to find food or shelter. You are looking for a humanitarian means to be able to assist them, and trapping them so that they can be moved could be that option. What you want to know is how to trap a Muscovy duck?

Keep in mind that the feces of these ducks carry diseases that can be fatal to you and your family. This is why it is imperative that you are quite careful when dealing directly with them. If at all possible it is to your advantage to hire a professional to do the job for you, this make sure that you do not come in contact and dangerous related to the duck.

However, if this is not possible, then what you want to look into is to getting a commercial trap that can be used to capture the animal. Once you have successfully captured it, your next move is to take it to another location where you can release it. Before doing so make sure that you have put on gloves and a mask to protect your hands and respiratory system.

Muscovy Duck Trapping

Need bird removal in your hometown? We service over 500 USA locations! Click here to hire us in your town and check prices - updated for year 2020.

Believe it or not, Muscovy ducks were actually introduced into parks and public guards in certain areas of the USA to try and make them look a little more wildlife-rich. The plan did work, of course, but it also means that certain problems were introduced alongside them that experts perhaps weren't prepared for. Interbreeding is just one noted problem, but the population of these fucks have grown quite quickly and they are now known as one of nature's pests. Home and business owners regularly search for Muscovy duck trapping and control methods.

As bad as they can be for urban populations, Muscovy ducks are actually very good for the world around us. This is why intentionally harming them is not a good idea. This is also the reason why you may wish to hire professionals to remove your bird problem, rather than tackling it along with bodge-jobs and DIY methods.

One of the main problems that these ducks pose to humans is that they can get very vicious. This is definitely the case when they are fed by humans, and is also why you shouldn't feed them. If you stop suddenly, they'll likely chase after you to try and find more, and they can be quite vicious and dangerous to children and other animals, such as pets.

Stopping feeding Muscovy ducks is the easiest way to resolve the problem. When they aren't getting fed, they have no reason to come back. Fences can also be erected to prevent the birds from wandering right onto your land, especially around patches of vegetation that are hardest hit. It is generally recognized that trapping the large birds is a practice best left to licensed and insured professionals, and once you'll get up close with them and take in their size, you'll understand why.

If you DO decide to trap a Muscovy duck, you MUST do some research into what you can and can't do next. You are NOT permitted to release this animal back into the wild in Florida, for example, and it is illegal to do so. They must be kept captive in a place where they cannot come into contact with other native ducks or wildlife. It is, on the other hand, considered best practice to euthanize the creature after capture, and there are definitely legalities involved with that side of things. There are only a few permitted methods of destroying these ducks, and these are generally only lawful when carried out by a licensed professional.

If you are experiencing a problem with Muscovy ducks on your land, give us a call today. Make sure this is a job that you complete safely, legally and humanely.

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