Our Wildlife Removal Prices

Please call us or check your town below for exact pricing in 2024

We can't list firm nationwide prices here for every type of wildlife control project. Click your state on the below map, then pick your city or town, for more exact prices in your town. Many variables may affect the price, such as the type of animal, how many service trips we will need to perform, and the extent of the project. Remember, the best bet is to call your local branch and describe your wildlife issue, and then we can give you much more accurate prices over the phone.

For example, if you have raccoons in the attic, we might charge as such:

$129 service & trap setup fee + $50 per raccoon removed, plus repair costs.
- or -
Flat $500 to remove all the raccoons from the attic and seal the holes shut.
- or -
$169 for the first service trip and $89 for each service trip after that.

...every market and situation is different, so please click your state on the below map, then select your city or town and call and speak with our wildlife removal branch in your town to find out their specific rates and policies.

We all know you want to save money, but in the field of wildlife control most of the cheapest wildlife trappers are the worst ones! The cheap companies are the ones that have to keep low prices to get anyone to hire them - believe me, there are plenty of really lousy wildlife operators out there. Beware of a company that promises free inspections! They often use pushy sales tactics once the technician arrives at your house. Or worse, with free inspections or a cheap service, you'll often have to hire a new company after a cheap company fails to do the job right.

Click on my cheap trapping emails page for examples of people who have paid low prices, only to have to hire a new company later to do the job right.

FREE: How To Guide: do it yourself! - Advice on saving money by doing wildlife removal yourself.
How To Guide: Who should I hire? - What questions to ask, what to look for, who NOT to hire.

Nuisance Wildlife Control is a specialty business. It requires a unique set of skills, equipment and more knowledge than most people realize. It is also a field with unique risks, licensing and insurance. Nuisance wildlife control operators take care of difficult problems that few people can properly or safely handle. Licensed wildlife professionals are often the only people allowed to handle an animal problem legally. Also, wildlife removal requires specific training and licensing and insurance. Wildlife operators are state licensed professionals. People seem to have no problem paying the electrician or plumber for their skills, and you won't find them crawling in a hot attic to remove a litter of raccoons with an angry mother raccoon lurking nearby! The skill set of a nuisance wildlife controller exceeds that of the average service profession, and it's not a cheap service if done correctly. Guide: How much does wildlife removal cost? - A full analysis of the wildlife control business, & prices.

It is impossible to post exact prices online without a thorough understanding of the location and situation of any given job, because each one is different. Factors such as driving distance, type of building, or situation vary. Please call and you will receive an estimate for the job.

I find that all of my customers feel that they have received a very good value, after they talk to me in person, learn about wildlife control, and get their problem quickly and professionally taken care of. My results are permanent, prevent further home damage, and improve the value of your house.

Here are some of the cities that we service: Birmingham-AL - Huntsville-AL - Phoenix - Los Angeles - Oakland CA - Sacramento - San Diego - San Francisco - San Jose - Colorado Springs - Denver - Hartford - Waterbury - Cape Coral - Clearwater - Cape Coral - Coral Springs - Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers - Gainesville - Jacksonville FL - Melbourne - Miami - Naples - Orlando - Sarasota - Tallahassee - Tampa - West Palm Beach - Atlanta - Augusta - Columbus-GA - Chicago North - Indianapolis - Kansas City - Louisville-KY - New Orleans - Baltimore - Boston - Springfield-MA - Detroit - Greater Lansing - Minneapolis - St. Paul - Jackson-MS - Kansas City-MO - St. Louis - Trenton - Albany - Buffalo - Nassau County - New York City - Rochester - Suffolk County - Syracuse-NY - Charlotte - Durham - Greensboro - Raleigh - Winston Salem - Cincinnati - Cleveland-OH - Columbus-OH - Dayton - Oklahoma City - Tulsa - Portland-OR - Harrisburg - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Columbia-SC - Knoxville - Memphis - Nashville - Austin-TX - Dallas-TX - Fort Worth - Houston - San Antonio - Salt Lake City - Norfolk-VA - Richmond-VA - Virginia Beach - Washington DC - Seattle - Madison-WI - Milwaukee - Toronto

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