Things To Know About Squirrel Appearance, biology, life cycle, diet and behavior

All rodents chew, and the flying squirrel is one example of a small, chewing creature that you wouldn't want inside your home or business property. To start with, these creatures will chew to get inside your home. They will find a patch of damage, crack or hole that is too small for them to fit through, and they will work at it until they have managed to make it big enough for them to be able to crawl right on it.

Once they're in, more flying squirrels will join the party, and more squirrels means more damage. One hole will turn into two holes, and then three, four, and who knows how many more?

They love to chew on wood, but rodents can chew through a vast array of materials, many of which you wouldn't believe. If they want to get in, they will get in, and they will not stop.

Things don't get much happier once they're inside your property either. It is usually to your actual property that you will find the most damage — wooden boxes and furniture, perhaps, or maybe even the wooden beams and foundations/structures that build up your home. As you can imagine, a lot of chewing on these wooden beams can cause great stability problems for your home, and this will be a costly repair mission. You may even notice damage coming through the ceiling from the upper levels of your home. This CAN happen with many animal invaders that are left to their own devices for too long.

As well as chewing, flying squirrels come with a long list of problems, none of which you will want to invite into your building. It is this chewing that is often the most overlooked problem, on the other hand, with fire risks, building damage, and even other risks to health coming along for the ride.

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