And in the attic. It must be cleaned.

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Mexican free-tail bats can be a beneficial species – especially to the agricultural industry. They consume potentially damaging insects every single night, helping farmers keep their crops free from destruction. However they can also form a big mess in the form of guano or droppings. If the bats are residing in a cave, guano is not that much of a concern for the average person. But if the bats are residing in your attic, then you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Interestingly enough, the guano from Mexican free-tail bats was valuable at one time. In the early 1900s it was used primarily as a natural fertilizer. At that time, the guano was collected from bats that resided in natural caves and blossomed into a huge, profitable industry. The bats in Carlsbad Caverns were said to product about 100,000 tons of guano every single year. That guano was converted into fertilizer and sold to California fruit growers. The guano obtained from the Campbell, Bracken, and Frio caves in Central Texas topped out at about 80 tons every year. Even in the 20th century, the Bracken Cave was still producing up to 85 tons per year.

Bat guano, by nature, contains plenty of microscopic bacteria. While it is considered by scientists to contain potentially beneficial bacteria (able to detoxify industrial waste, serve as a natural insecticide, and able to convert waste byproducts into alcohol), it is hard to convince a homeowner of its benefits when the individual just wants it out of their home. It’s true that bat guano offered many benefits for our society in the past. However it is little more than a nuisance particularly to homeowners. As far as they’re concerned they have two problems to solve: how to remove the bats, and how to remove the mess they made.

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Bats are great animals! Unfortunately, the do often choose to roost inside home and buildings, where they can create a big mess. It's a good idea to remove the bats from your belfry or attic, but it's also a great idea to avoid harming them! Any competent wildlife control expert should have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively remove an entire colony of bats from a house without harming or killing a single one. I know that I have a 100% success rate with bat removal jobs, and I believe the list of companies that I've compiled in my directory is of similar quality. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Bats page.

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