How To Tell If You Have A Groundhog Under Your Shed Or Porch?

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The groundhog is one of the most frustrating pest animals to have to deal with if you are a home owner that is proud of their garden, as they can cause a lot of damage and are often very quick in digging their burrow. However, when they find their way into a cavity beneath your shed or porch, it is vital to act quickly as they can sometimes undermine the foundation of that part of your property. Here are some signs that may indicate that your problem animal may be a groundhog.

Sounds Produced By Groundhogs

One of the most distinctive parts of the groundhog's biology is the way that it communicates, and when it senses that there is danger about it will highlight this to other animals by creating a high whistling sound through its teeth. This particular habit has led the animal to be known as by the nickname 'whistlepig' in some areas, while elsewhere it can also be known as a woodchuck.

Signs Of Digging Near The Shed Or Porch

The groundhog is one of nature's great excavators, and while it may take advantage of the natural cavity beneath the shed or porch, it will also look to expand on the size of its existing den. Removing dirt is a part of this process, so signs of digging around the shed or porch area can be another indication that you have a groundhog in residence.

Mounds Of Dirt In Front Of Holes Near The Shed Or Porch

Another sign that you may have a groundhog present is that when you examine the area around your shed or porch, there are holes that look like tunnels that have fresh mounds of dirt just in front of the holes. The groundhog is constantly expanding and amending its dens and the tunnels, and will often remove the dirt during this process.

Tunnels Leading To Smaller Holes

As well as making large dens, groundhogs are naturally cautious animals that like to have several escape routes in case they are targeted by a predator or another threat, and this means that they have a habit of building several escape tunnels. In some cases you will see this in the furrows in the lawn, where the tunnels have collapsed, or you will see smaller holes that appear a few yards away from the shed or porch. For more information about How Do You Know If You Have A Groundhog Under Your Shed Or Porch?, you may want to read this guide that I wrote: How to get rid of groundhogs - my main groundhog removal information page.

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