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This is a much better method than poison. Because you can remove the dead rats. I caught about 30 rats from this attic. A bloated male rat and a thin trapper.

The preferred rat habitat - your attic. Rats run along pipes, wires, and ducts. When they chew wires, they get electrocuted. I don't usually use cage traps for rats.

The small rodent is a juvenile Roof Rat. The small rodent is a House Mouse. A zoological study of rattus rattus. ...I am still just a rat in a cage.

Here's how you stop the chewing. You don't want an electrical outage. This is a serious case of contamination. Water heater - rats leave lots of terds.

I actually got a natural albino. The only way to get a kitchen rat. It's tastier than you think, honest! Poison sucks. Trapping rules.

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