Can wild animals in the attic give your pets fleas?

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There are actually quite a few different wild animals in the attic that could potentially give your pet fleas, but two of the worst culprits for the offense, are opossums and raccoons. These animals are both nocturnal, which can make it hard to pick up on when you have a problem, and while you are sleeping, during the night, interactions between the animal and your pet could very well pass on fleas. Fleas can jump too, so the animals don’t even need to come into contact with each other, and fleas can live in carpets and other materials for a brief time, before jumping on to another host — you, your household members, including your pets.

Stray cats are another animal that could very well give your pet fleas, and feral cats could do the same. The same applies to feral or stray dogs, and this is even more so the case if you do not treat your cat or dog to prevent them from getting fleas. Even when you think your home is safe and protected, it might not be. There could still be fleas present, although there are strong carpet sprays that you can buy to kill off young fleas, adult fleas, and their eggs and larvae alike. They can be quite expensive, and you may need a lot of them if you have a large house, or you think you have a large flea problem on your hands.

The best way to ensure that wild animals can’t pass on fleas to your pet, is to stop them from coming together. This is easier said than done, admittedly, and even more so when most of these critters are nocturnal, and therefore not really awake or active when you are. You can make sure that you keep your pets inside during the night, however, and you can also ensure that you are protecting your home to the best of your ability. This means checking it regularly for patches of damage that could indicate a wild critter has tried to break in. It also means repairing any damage or weak spots that you do come across, with strong materials that are guaranteed to keep the wild animals at bay.

These wild animals are more inclined to come closer to your house, and therefore your pets, in a desperate bid to find food, and among human residences, food can be found in plentiful amounts. From the pet food you leave out in the back yard, to the bird feeder hanging from the trees, and even the leftovers that you throw out in the trash — there are a hundred and one sources of food on your land, and if you're not careful, the wild creatures will find all of them. Hide your food away and clean up after yourself and you won’t find yourself with a problem, and that’s even more so the case if you protect your home too.

If you do have pets, make sure you are protecting them. There are things you should do when your pets are young, or when you first get them, to make sure no harm comes to them. Part of this process is to vaccinate them against diseases such as rabies, as well as making sure they are protected against parasites, such as fleas, mites, and ticks. If you do this too, your pet will have little chance of catching fleas from wild animals, and your home will be safe from the jumping, biting bugs.

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