Noises in attic but no droppings

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So, you are hearing some noises in the attic that make you feel like you may have a rat in the room. However, when you look around the attic you find that there are no droppings. You are absolutely sure that there must be rats here, you just don’t see them. Does this mean that you are mistaken somehow? How could there be noises in the attic but no droppings?

The truth is this is the reality of how things can be. Rats may be in the attic but that does not mean that they will leave their droppings there. That may not have you feeling really good right now. Time for a little reality check.

Rats are animals that are a little more complicated than you might think. They even can live in organized communities, called colonies, that can have hundreds if not thousands of rats living in a community. This means that they will live in one area, but do a lot of their other activities in another, like hunt, and even drop their waste.

This can be true of so many different kinds of animals that may be making noise in your attic. Depending upon the size of the room they may not use the attic as their outhouse as well. They may move to another location to release their waste, and just sleep in the attic.

While you may like to hear that they are not dropping their waste in the room, this still leaves you with two problems. The first of these is that you probably don’t want a wild animal in your attic, but don’t know what you are facing. This means you need to do a little research to see what might be present there. At different points during the day you simply want to take a look in the attic to see if you can locate any kind of animal.

Before checking, make sure that you wear clothing that covers all of your exposed skin, googles, gloves, and a surgical mask to protect yourself from getting any kind of illness or from being bitten by whatever creature is there. As you look, move boxes, lift up insulation and try to do as thorough of a look as you can, while also making sure that you are careful not to be exposed to whatever animal might be.

In addition, the other problem you face is that if you discover that there are animals like mice or rats inside your home, the fact that you did not find their waste in your attic means that it is somewhere else. This means you are going to have to search for other places in your home to see if you can find where these animals have left their waste. That can be a lot of work, so you may have some work to do.

The important thing is to realize that if you are hearing noises but don’t see droppings that is no reason to think you may be wrong. Check to make sure. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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