Killing Iguanas

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If you have captured an iguana there are two things that could happen. Before we get to those, we'll start with the one thing that definitely won't happen. The iguana you have captured WILL NOT be released into the wild again.

Now for the two things that could happen:

1 - The iguana could be given a checkup by a vet, its attitude and character vetted, and after a minor adjustment period, could be found a brand new home.

2 - The iguana could be given a checkup by a vet, its attitude and character vetted, and after a full assessment, be condemned not safe to be kept as a pet. Or it could be injured or sick. If either of these situations occur, the safe and humane outcome for the iguana is euthanasia.

Euthanasia should only be performed by a professional, and this will normally mean a vet or a wildlife removal expert. In the majority of states, you do not need a specific permit in order to trap and remove an iguana from your property, if it is private property. There are rules that you will need to follow surrounding using certain traps, of course, to ensure that you are not putting other wildlife, pets and even humans in danger by using them.

You should do your research before trapping and removing any wild animal.

If you trap the iguana, you will then need to destroy the iguana. In the majority of states, once again, it is required that the animal is destroyed on the property on which it was found. If you found the iguana on your property, it is on your property that the animal must be destroyed. Alternatively, the animal can be taken away to be euthanized by a professional.

When you call in a professional to help you remove a wild animal from your house or land, you are not just putting your trust in an expert that knows what they are doing, you’re doing your bit to help the local ecosystem. This is even more so the case when you are dealing with a species that is considered to be invasive, just like many iguanas. They are animals naturally found in these areas, they have been placed there by humans. In some cases, this could be in the case of an escaped pet, but in many cases (too many), pet owners are irresponsibly releasing their pets into the wild because they can’t care for them or handle them.

In the case of the iguana, things have worked out pretty well. These animals are doing okay out there in the wild, and they’re holding their own against other animals, predators and prey included. They have found other iguanas and they are breeding, but they are not meant to be there, and that's why you aren't just allowed to release it back into the wild again. If you do, you are contributing to the invasive species problem which the authorities and wildlife removal experts are desperately trying to get on top of.

Rather than looking into the idea of killing an iguana, you should call upon the help of a professional. In some cases, if the animal has been lost or has escaped, it can be reunited with its owner. In other cases, if the animal is fit and well and has a good temperament, it can be re-homed with a new family that won’t let it free again. The outcome doesn't necessarily mean death, but the only way you’ll get to choose the humane option, is if you call in the professionals.

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