Scratching Sounds In the Attic or Walls

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Sadly, there may be times where a wild animal will find its way into the attic or walls of your home. These pesky little critters find a way to get through a hole, loose board, or crack in your siding, thus gaining entry and being difficult to remove.

What adds to the struggle is the fact that they are not easy to locate many times. Because they are choosing to live in the wall or in the attic area, you may not even know that they are there, simply because they are not visible to you. This can mean that an animal such as a squirrel, bird, snake, rabbit, or other kind of animal can be using your home as their own residence and you are completely unaware of their presence.

The sad part is that many people will say that they should have known once they find out that the animal is living there. They have seen or heard the warning signs, but failed to put two and two together. If you are wanting to know what are the different kinds of sounds will tell you that a wild animal is in your home, then here are some clues that can help you.

Starting with the most obvious, most animals that you will come across will make some kind of scratching noise once they are inside your home. This is not always an attempt by them to get out of the location that they are in, but can also be a result of them looking to sharpen their claws, strengthen their teeth, or because they are wrestling with one another.

Depending upon the kind of animal you are talking about, many of these noises that you will hear will be heard more commonly during the nighttime hours. Most animals that you will find living in your home are nocturnal, meaning that you should hear scratching and rumbling noises during the late hours of the evening or early morning. When you hear these, don't just assume it is some noise you should ignore. When it is light out, take a look around your attic or try to see inside the wall if you can to see if there is any animal living in there.

If you have birds or bats that are living in your home, then you should hear flapping noises. These noises can occur at different times of the day depending upon which of these animals is living there.

Bats are another nocturnal animal, meaning that you should not hear them flapping around during the daytime, but should hear quite a bit of it during the night. What is most troubling about having a bat is that these animals usually live in colonies. That means that if you have one bat there you likely can have dozens more. If you are going to check on their presence in your home, do so with extreme caution.

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