Getting wildlife out of trees

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While most animals that you can think of that are able to get into a tree are also able to get their way out, you may find a situation where a wild animal has gotten up into a tree around your yard and you wanted to go away. Animals such as raccoons, possums, snakes, and other critters can get themselves into your tree which can pose several different kinds of hazards for you. You not only have to worry about them jumping down on to you or a member of your family at some point, but you also have to be concerned with them harming the tree or leaving a waste below the tree that can be extremely dangerous. You clearly want this critter out of the tree.

However, the likelihood is that this animal has you at a disadvantage. It may be far up into the tree area, denying you easy access to be able to reach it, plus you may not want to take the risk of coming in direct contact with this animal. You could climb up into the tree and try to knock it down with the stick, but the animal may attack you. This is clearly a huge advantage for the animal.

The decision on what to do to get a wild animal out of a tree begins by determining the kind of animal you are talking about. If this is an animal, like a squirrel, then you know that they can easily get in and out of a tree, so your attempt to get them out may be easy, but keeping them away is an entirely different story. You can generally use something like noise or throwing something into the tree and this will scare away an animal like a bird, squirrel, or the like.

If you are talking about a cat getting into the tree, such as your own or neighbors, then you may be able to simply get it out by climbing a ladder and taking the animal off of the branch it is on. Make sure that you wear gloves and protect yourself by wearing long sleeves. The animal may still be afraid and may lash out at you even if you are trying to help it. It pays to be safe.

If you are talking about another kind of wild animal, especially something like a bear or even a raccoon, it may make some sense to contact your local animal control agency to see what they recommend to do. You may find at times that a bear has climbed up a tree near your neighborhood, and you should never take action to directly try to get the animal down. This requires an expert. However, with smaller sized animals like an opossum or raccoon they will have recommendations for you on what you should do to get these animals out of the tree. It pays to seek the advice of an expert just to make sure that you are playing it is safe as possible.

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