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 RACCOONS - Click here for the full raccoon photo gallery.
A large Florida raccoon in a live trap. Young raccoons removed from attic. Me inside the attic, getting a baby coon. One of my first Florida raccoon catches.

 OPOSSUMS - Click here for the full opossum photo gallery.
Opossums can hang by their tails. A female opossum and her 8 babies. A little opossum on my shoulder. The fearsome opossum has 50 teeth.

 SNAKES - Click here for the full snake photo gallery.
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Cottonmouth / Water Moccassin Venomous Eastern Coral Snake Harmless Corn Snake / Red Rat Snake

 ARMADILLOS - Click here for the full armadillo photo gallery.
Juvenile armadillo caught by hand. Dillo in a humane havahart trap. Both armadillos caught at one burrow. Armadillo digging for grubs and worms.

 SQUIRRELS - Click here for the full squirrel photo gallery.
Five squirrels caught in live traps. A young squirrel on a sisal rope. Three squirrels in a single trap. Three baby squirrels in my hands.

 BATS - Click here for the full bat photo gallery.
A giant group of Free-Tail Bats. This is an Evening Bat, held delicately. Detail photograph of an Evening Bat. An cluster of Free-Tail bats in an attic.

 BIRDS - Click here for the full bird photo gallery.
Pigeons roosting in a parking deck. Pigeon trapping at a water park. Bird removal from inside a house. Removal of a hawk from a clothing store.

 RATS - Click here for the full rat photo gallery.
Roof Rat trapping inside an attic. Rats are very common in Florida attics. Seven big ones inside this attic. This attic had over 30 rats.

 DEAD ANIMALS - Click here for the full dead animal photo gallery.
A dead opossum above the garage. Dead raccoon inside the air handler! Dead squirrel in the attic removal. Dead rat removal from an attic.

 OTHER WILDLIFE - Click here for the full photo gallery of other wildlife.
A Four Foot Florida Alligator A thin Florida Red Fox I accidentally caught this Bobcat This is a Gopher Tortoise.

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