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Welcome to AAAnimalControl.com

AAAnimal Control is a nuisance wildlife control company located in Orlando, FL. We help people solve conflicts with nuisance wildlife. This includes animal capture, removal, exclusion, damage repairs, waste cleanup, and more. We specialize in humane trapping techniques and complete animal pest control solutions.  Basically, if you have a problem caused by the wild animals in your area, AAAnimal Control can solve it.

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State licensed and insured   -  permit# N5499   -   residential/commercial  -   operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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My goal is to provide wildlife removal education. Browse this site for plenty of how-to advice to do it yourself. If you need to hire a pro, you can call me in Orlando, or you can check out my directory for a hand-picked pro that I either trained personally or extensively interviewed, in your town. Serving 98% of the US population.

2016 Winter Squirrel Season: Don't forget, mother squirrels have their babies in February, and by March, the young are nearly full-size and running about. (They have another litter in late winter as well) If you hear noises in your attic, especially in morning and evening, give us a call and we can humanely remove them and repair the entry holes they've chewed open. You can also click here for my Guide to getting squirrels out of an attic for more information.

Orlando Bat Control: August 2016 is baby bat season! The young bats start to fly in August, and you might suddenly notice that you've got bats in your home or building. No bat exclusions can be performed in June or July, but August is prime time for bat control! We specialize in the humane removal of the entire colony of bats from your attic or building. We completely bat-proof the home, so that no bats can ever return, and we give a guarantee. We also clean and decontaminate the waste that the bats have left behind. Click to see my Bat Control Blog for some examples of bat jobs I've done. Call us any time to discuss your bat problem and to schedule an appointment.

2016 Rat Season: As the cooler weather arrives in winter, the rodents in Central Florida seek out a warm place to spend the nights. The most common nuisance animal is the Roof Rat. These disease-ridden critters are nocturnal, and can often be heard scampering up the walls and in the attic at night. They chew on electrical wires, contaminate food, and spread disease. Check out my Orlando rodent control page for more information on our permanent rat control techniques. We also deal with mouse problems, which you can read about on my Orlando mouse control and mice trapping page, but the truth is that mice are far less common than rats in central Florida.

Weekly Advice Column: Beaver Control & Removal Beavers can be the most damaging type of wildlife problem you can run into. If you have a river, creek or pond near your home they can account for thousands of dollarsí worth of damage by flooding your property. This is the number one complaint and by far costs the most in property damages. Beavers also need wood in order to build their dams and that wood could come from a tree close to your house. Whether itís as extreme as a tree being felled too close to a building or thousands of gallons of water heading in the wrong direction, these animals do much better when not in such close quarters with people.

It is hard to imagine that a rodent can do that much damage and although it is not their intention, beavers have been responsible for many expensive property repairs. If you see a dam in a river or a pond it may be time to start thinking about calling a wildlife removal service before that damage can be inflicted on your home. There are ways to trap beavers yourself, but in order to be safe, an expert is the best option.

Dam Destruction
While dam destruction might be inferred toward the property damage a beaver can do; in this case it refers to a person destroying the dam the beaver is constructing. The theory is that this will force the beaver to move on and create a home elsewhere. Often this doesnít work because there are several reasons these animals start building a home in a particular spot. Most of them are so strongly tied to the environment (in the form of fish, plant, and bird relationships with the dam and the beaver) that they simply rebuild.

This means it is important that a person takes into consideration thinking the animal will leave upon destruction of their dam or home. In addition poisons, repellents and different tactics performed in an effort to frighten the animal away simply doesnít work. The best method is actually trapping with a live trap and relocating or working with the office governing bounties on these animals for their fur and population control.

Trapping The Beaver Yourself
If you are going to try to trap the beaver yourself, there is one thing that you will need a lot of and that is luck. Beavers are not the easiest wildlife to catch, in fact their ability to avoid repellents and the fact that they can go into places that may not be easy to reach for a person makes them quite difficult to catch. In fact, if a person makes a failed attempt at catching the beaver it may even make it more difficult when the professionals come in to assist. They are smart creatures and can become alert to traps so you may only have one chance before the beaver starts recognizing them- even with the best bait. The last thing to consider before attempting capturing the beaver yourself is the laws that apply to your state. You could get heavy fines if your state requires a license.

Get A Wildlife Expert
A wildlife expert is the best choice you could make and considering the damage that a beaver colony can make o your property it would be the wisest. Plus, after the beavers are caught alive you can rest assured that they would be released in a more appropriate place where they canít do damage but rather work in the ecosystem. You should call wildlife professional as soon as you notice that you have beavers on your property. If they go ignored their dam can move water in new directions and cause damaging floods. If there are any trees around there could be damage done to these as well. A professional will make catching the beavers easy but it comes with years of experience.

To read more, click Beaver Control & Removal

We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance wildlife in the greater Orlando area. I consider myself the most skilled of Orlando trappers, and I provide a full line of complete wild animal control solutions. I do not operate a typical Orlando Pest Control or Orlando exterminator company, I run a dedicated service devoted to the removal of any wild Orlando critter, pest control and prevention, and waste cleanup services. I specialize in services such as the removal of rats in an attic, squirrels in a ceiling, raccoons in the house, snake control, and more. I specialize in bat control for the state of Florida. I have trained several friends in other parts of the state. Contact Mike in Tampa if you need service in the Tampa Bay area, contact Andrew in Jacksonville if you need help in Northeast FL, and call Patrick in Fort Lauderdale for service in the Southeast, including Boca Raton. I and the professionals I have trained perform full wildlife damage repairs and offer a complete solution to any pest animal or critter problem, from birds to mice, snakes to armadillos. Give me a call any time at 407.538.1694 for a consultation. You may also browse this site for more information and a directory of other trapping companies. We service all of greater Orlando, including towns such as Winter Park, Longwood, Lake Mary, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo, Lake Conway, Doctor Philips, Windermere, Sanford, and more Orlando animal control areas.

Don't live in Orlando? Click here for my nationwide list of professional wildlife trappers, serving all 50 states!

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